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RADE MARKOVIC - Biography Rade Markovic is a painter, sculptor and furniture designer. Born in 1957 in Kraljevo, Serbia. Picture of 1982, the sculpture made of wood in 1996. He is the founder and owner of RM art workshop which designs and produces items made of wood and artistic furniture. He lives in Belgrade, Gospodara Vucic 106 (last trolley station 22), where there is an open studio and exhibition and work space where the artist receives visitors from 10 am to 18h.Clan the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia. He has exhibited paintings, sculptures, art objects and furniture in the country and abroad.
Exhibitions: In Serbia Mladenovac 1992 Arandjelovac 1993 SNP, Novi Sad 1994 Subotica 1997 Gallery VB Novi Sad 2006 KC Old Pazova 2009 National Museum of Uzice 2009
Beograd KCB 1992 Gallery 'Atrium' 1995.1996 Gallery 'Alkion' 1996 Gallery 'Bozidar Adžija' 1998 Instituto Italiano di Cultura 2004 Gallery 'Old Master' in 1999 Progress Gallery 2006 Atelier 212, 2007 Gallery 'Singidunum' 2008-09-09 Centre for Culture-Grocka-2008 Youth Theatre Novi Sad 2008
London 'Victoria Jones Gallery "in 2005, 2006 Montenegro Herceg Novi 2009
Awards: First prize at the Salon unknown, Atrium Gallery, Belgrade 1991, special awards Furniture Fair in Belgrade in 2004 for the sculptural design, premium spring salon Old Master in Zemun 2007th Artist evrodpske weeks leading Internet-Londonart Gallery, April 2005. Praise to the salon miniatures gallery Singidunum in Belgrade.
A wider view of the artist's oeuvre can be seen on the website of the biggest online gallery in Europe Londonart ( the Artist of the week archive), as well as online galleries in London, Victoria Jones (