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Feel Pilates, StudiFeel Pilates Studio

In the center of the city in Palilula near Vuk's monument amidst the city hustle and bustle you will find this small pilates studio, a small oasis of silence and peace overlooking a spaceous yard.

After a year of experience and working in Pionir hall we have moved in a beautiful space in two levels in Ivankovacka street.

Here we nurture original pilates, the way it was designed by its creator Jozef Pilates almost a century ago. We work in original devices which can make exercises easier or harder to suit anyone's needs or abilities. With light and selected music and relaxing atmosphere you will be fully focused on the movements of your body. Every other thought is excess and this way you will train both your body and relax your mind.

If you are not ready to use the machines yet you can also exercise floor pilates for beginners or advanced. On Mondays and Wednesdays we also offer yoga lessons.

Pilates is a manner of exercise that helps you gain proper posture and flexibility no mater what your age. Here you will find men and women of various generations working out together. It joins together corrective gymnastics, ballet and yoga in many combinations and modifications which can be adjsuted to anyone. Because of the weight used in pilates workouts, it is also called 'pilates gym'.

We work in small groups so there's lots of chances of getting to know everyone and making friends. Here you can have a cup of coffee, read the paper, schedule a massage, leave your things...

Feel Pilates team believes in the individual approach and the art of listening. We take every suggestion and put a lot of energy into our lessons. We have managed to create a corner where we nurture the holistic approach and where you can share your experiences about healthy food and lifestyle. All the talks started in the studio can later be found in our blogs which are available in Serbian as 'My Pilates Place' as well as in English 'All About Good Habits'

Here we believe that happiness lies in growth and progress and everyone try to make the next day better than the last.