Haberdashery Belgrade

Address: 3e Paunova st., Banjica
Belgrade Phone: 011/3984-207

4/ 5stars

Shop trimmings B & W is one of the best-stocked in Belgrade.
We started to work ten years ago and since then we are dealing with a successful selling extra supplies for sewing, weaving and embroidery and hand work. We are located in Banjica, at 3e Paunova street.

An impressive selection, low prices and high quality are what makes us distinctive. We can really boast a large selection of buttons, zippers, pins, elastics, laces and ribbons, threads for needlepoint, embroidery and tapestry. We sell cotton yarn for knitting and crocheting, and knitting yarn.

Haberdashery B & W offers the following products from its rich assortment such as:

- zipper
- buttons
- Setup
- Sticky canvas
- Scissors
- Yarn (yarn for crocheting, knitting yarn, embroidery thread)
- Needles (hand and mašinkse needles)
- Decorative tape
- Canvas needlepoint and embroidery
- Art
- Wool / wool for knitting
- Applications
- Strip Curtain
- Harness
- Rubber Band
- Lace
- Decorative beads
- Loans for tailoring
- Centimeter cutting / tailoring centimeters
- Machine oil

Come and see for yourself that the one place you can find everything for your needs.