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Hairdressers Belgrade
  • Address: 23a Brace Srnic st., lokal 69 (TC Medakovic), Medakovic
  • Phone: +381 61 2394 064

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Useful information

Kristal 888 is located in Medakovic, 26a Brace Srnic st., and is the right place where you can relax and enjoy our numerous types of treatments. Away from the city crowd and noise we offer our clients the ability to feel relaxed in the pleasant ambiance of our salon.

In our offer we have a diverse selection of services and treatments and in our work we use the products of best global manufacturers. Years of experience, kindness and professionalism of all employees in our salon are the key to our success.

“Kristal 888” offers you the following services:

Hairstyling services:

- Hairstyling
- Blow drying
- Dyeing
- Modern hair coloring techniques: Balayage, Sombre, Ombre
- In-depth hair washing
- Care treatments
- Formal hairstyling

With the desire to provide you healthy and voluminous hair, we provide the highest quality hair care. Beautiful hairstyle that brings out the individuality and facial structure of every person is what we strive for. With a broad diversity of services such as hair-cutting, blow-drying, dyeing, styling and more, we strive to bring you the latest global trends and innovation.   

In addition to women’s hairstyling, at Kristal 888 salon we also offer you dyeing, bleaching and highlighting services. Hair dyeing at our salon is done using dyes made by leading global manufacturers, making sure your hair is strong and healthy.

We offer you treatments for in-depth hair care and reconstruction.


- Pedicure: aesthetic
- Manicure
- Chiropody and nail strengthening
- Nail extensions

NEW AT OUR SALON – dipping technique – powdered manicure NEW GENESIS. No filing, UV lamp, significantly faster. Combination of titanium and caoutchouc.


In addition to the numerous hairstyling salon, at “Kristal 888” salon you can enjoy many other treatments such as manicure, waxing and others. In order to always have healthy and nurtured hands we offer professional manicure treatments like classical manicure, extensions and chiropody in high quality gels.



BEAUTY KRISTAL 888 Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY KRISTAL 888 Hairdressers Beograd
BEAUTY KRISTAL 888 Hairdressers Beograd