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Hairdressers Belgrade

Useful information

What sets studio "Star" apart from the others and makes it recognizable, is the first high professional level and quality of service. Professional and friendly staff will do everything to make you feel special.

"Star" offers a variety of cosmetic and medical treatments, solarium and hairdressing services.

The salon use only medicines known company "Matis", "Lisap", "Sothys" and "Peggy Sage".


- Facials
    * Classic- facial hygiene
    * Microdermabrasion
    * Chemical Peels
    * Treatment with fruit acids- Alpha Hydrox Acid (AHA)
    * Moisturizing Treatment aromatisé
    * Fixing aromatisé treatment
    * Oksigenativni aromatisé treatment
    * Regenerative aromatisé treatment
    * Aromatisé Eye Treatment
    * Caviar Treatment
    * Purple print mask to revitalize
    * Anti-Age Collagen Treatment Hyaronique
    * QRMA Diagnostics
More information about treatments, take a look >> HERE

- Mesotherapy
- Cold waxing
- Correction of eyebrows and eyelashes
- Professional Makeup
- Program for the body
- Turbo solarium
- Pedikir- Manicure
   Medical pedicure involves addition of completed hygienic treatment and rehabilitation of problems such as the Curia eyes, ingrown toenails, calluses, warts and so on.
   Tight footwear puts pressure on the nail, and leads to the formation of keratin cells. It occurs often associated with fungal infection. In these unpleasant problems, a method of treatment involves: hygienic exfoliating, then the abrasive apparatus removed the surface layer of the nail, and then continues with the therapy at home. Everyday lubricating agents such as KANESTE, KANSEN, OBITIN the latest PIPER pen proved to be effective. We should not give up on therapy.

- Drilling ears and nose
- Permanent Makeup
- Epilation radio waves
- Removal of capillaries and nipples
- Nail
- Hairdressing services.


ESTETIK STUDIO STAR Hairdressers Beograd
ESTETIK STUDIO STAR Hairdressers Beograd
ESTETIK STUDIO STAR Hairdressers Beograd