Homes and care for the elderly Belgrade

Address: 31 Pavla Popovica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/7470-400, 061/2310-809
E-mail: info@domradulovic.com
Website: www.domradulovic.com

4.5/ 5stars

Our home for the accomodation and care for the elderly, Radulovic, is located in Medak, near the GSP turnabout for lines 18 and 29. This peaceful part of the city is secluded from the noise and yet well-connected to the center. The luxurious villa is decorated by the highest standards and has a huge yard and beautiful terraces which offer a nice view of Belgrade. We are located near the highway and all the major medical centers such as VMA, the Clinic center and KBC Zvezdara.

When it comes to equipment we have all the requirements for high comfort and a pleasant stay of the mobile and immobile persons. The care we provide is available 24hrs per day and your loved ones will be in the hands of the leading medical experts, doctors, technicians, physical therapists and social workers.

We have the latest security surveillance and the entire building has 90 degree rails for easier moving. Our home specializes and taking care of persons with poor or no mobility and has all the required platforms, ramps and approaches to make it easier for tem to get around. We have bathrooms on every floor, wheelchairs, toilet chairs and stepomobiles for easier climbing and walking.

Nutrition is fully adjusted for all medical conditions and needs and prepared in a separate, professional kitchen. Our dining room has a small kitchen that is available to preparing light meals and beverages with all the necessary equipment and a dishwasher.

All of our rooms are nicely furnished and include luxurious single, double, three and four bed rooms. Each room has its own LED TV, night stands, comfortable beds, shelves and lockers. Each TV has cable access with over 100 channels and a signal booster.

Our home also has its own ambulance with a new EKG machine, oxygen bottles, pulse oxymeter, inhalers, blood pressure and sugar level measurers and more.