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Address: Usce bb, Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 064/825-11-16, 064/825-11-03
E-mail: kontakt@klubkej.com
Website: www.klubkej.com

4/ 5stars

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Yachting Club KEJ is a result of a unique vision of a man inspired by untouched nature and the beauty of the river in the very heart of Belgrade. The vision and determination enabled us to create a river center. First one in Belgrade for fun and business needs on the shore of the river, which can satisfy everybody's wishes.

Separated, on the right shore of the Danube, just a little bit before Sava enters the Danube, Yachting Club KEJ offers peace and relaxation of a truly natural surrounding. With a beautiful panorama view of Kalemegden, Large war island and Zemun, with the traditional Serbian hospitality, food, homemade KEJ beer, you will wish to spend your next celebration, business lunch or free time with friends and family here.

The staff and crew of the YACHTING CLUB KEJ wishes you welcome into the well guarded Belgrade secret:

YACHTING CLUB KEJ - your natural choice in the heart of Belgrade.