Interior decoration Belgrade

Address: 155 Jurija Gagarina st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/2672-235, 065/2672-236

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How to turn home decorating into a great pleasure, not a hassle?

The answer you will find in your vicinity, in the saloon Domina Mega, which will, with the largest selection of quality curtains, wallpaper, upholstery and furniture fabric, as well as the assistance of our designers turn home decoration into a real treat.

In our salon you will find truly the greatest selection of materials for decorating your home, curtains and draperies from the colorful and playful lines, via a plurality of curtain rods made of wood, stainless steel or brass, colorful tapeta superior quality and high stability, to the modern upholstery fabrics woven from comfortable materials.

With such a rich offer, which you can find in one place, the choice of materials for home decoration and office space definitely will not require too much time and effort. Also, with the constant special offer of materials and wallpaper at reduced prices, decorating your interior does not have to require not a lot of money.

* Curtains and drapes
* Wallpapers
* Sponges
* Systems for curtains

Working time:
- Weekdays: 9: 30-20h
- Saturdays: 9-16h