International cuisine Belgrade

Address: 66a Strahinjica Bana st., Dorcol
Belgrade Phone: 011/2623-433, 060/365-4017

4.5/ 5stars

Welcome to the unusual world of top hedonism, which is based on two basic rules - Mexican food and fast rhythms!

The restaurant nachos every night we celebrate the divine pleasure, with an exciting and unforgettable food, spicy impulsive dance that trigger all the senses. The perfect combination of flavors make great Mexican specialties and unique spirit specific Asia, South America and the Mediterranean.

Stylish and authentic, interior nachos-and features a dance floor in a large part of the bar and the DJ platform, where every weekend you can feel free to let waves just right for you some of the leading clubbing guru. In addition, the area is ideal for organizing the karaoke of crazy parties, follow-up of exciting games in the society, and private parties that last until morning!

Warm and friendly atmosphere, first class food and the most popular DJs in Belgrade will leave a strong impression on you to remember and the desire to come back to the epicenter of the nightlife capital - in the street 66a Strahinjica Bana.