International cuisine Belgrade

Address: 348 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/2412-464, 2418-222

4.5/ 5stars

Tabor is certainly one of the prominent Belgrade taverns, or perhaps better to say that it is one of the few, true Belgrade restaurants, the place where they intersect and modern bohemian Belgrade, urban and suburban, old and urban, and is not uncommon, as once remarked Momo Kapor, the Tabor encampment just at the point where the former and the current King Alexander Boulevard and postwar Revolution Boulevard, into a drum peripheral, and the medieval Constantinople.

Everything in Tabor is crossed in some strange symbolism is past time that Belgrade in the last few decades. Tabor has been there for 24 years, but in a way much longer, given the fact that he inherited the name of the legendary namesake cafes, the Kalenic market, which is that quote again Kapor, "was the most democratic place in Belgrade and throughout the country, where the only to encounter a world that is otherwise never happiness. "And not only inherited the name of Tabor, continued the Democratic penchant for bringing together different people and the world, and 90 of those years and was considered for pub opposition, at a time when such categorization owner could bring more headaches than money. But owner John MRĐENOVIĆ gladly remembers those times and only regrets that there is no real cafe.

When it comes to kitchen Tabor will quote another old Taboraša Momo Kapor, who is writing about his favorite restaurant said: "Tabor has become a kind of temple or gastronomic museum, where it can be presented to the guest, a stranger, in the course of the night to introduce short of national kitchen ". Indeed, although in Tabor has no literal details and ethnological symbolism, which is normally in such restaurants often overstated, there is a national cuisine in the first place, and Tabor offers the possibility of alien Belgrade and Serbia meet in food and wine, while at the it does not feel like the ethnographic museum.