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Novica Veličković: Zbog Beograda i Partizana ponovo uživam u košarci

Novica Velickovic: I'm enjoying basketball again thanks to Belgrade and Partizan

A man who leaves his heart in the field, a man for whom there are no lost balls, the captain of Partisan basketball team – this is Novica Velickovic. While his career was on the rise, Novica suffered...
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Zoran Živković: Beograđanin čije knjige čita ceo svet

Zoran Zivkovic: the Belgrader whose books are read throughout the world

Professor Zoran Zivkovic is one of our most-translated and most-popular authors. His rich experience and sophisticated style gave birth to twenty-two books, and his vivid storytelling seamlessly pull the...
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Viktor Savić: Beogradski šmeker sa 3 brda

Viktor Savic - the cool guy from Belgrade's 3 hills

  We rooted for him as Milutinac at Montevideo, we were afraid of him as the Wolf while he watched Aska dance in the darkness. Victor Savic is one of the most popular actors of the younger generations...
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Ivana Korab: Novobeogradski šarm i osmeh koji razoružava Holivud

Ivana Korab - the charm of New Belgrade and the smile that disarmed Hollywood

Although men get shaky knees just from seeing her, only one minute of conversation is enough to reveal how personable, genuine and polite she is. As delightful on social networks as she is in her private...
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Ana Bjelica: Posle svetskog prvenstva pevaćemo himnu ispred Starog dvora

Ana Bjelica: After the World Championships, we will sing the anthem in front of the Old Palace

The champion of Europe with Serbia’s volleyball representation, modest, pleasant and always with a contagious smile – Ana Bjelica. The “baby” of a sport-loving family from Zvedara who has Belgrade in her...
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Nebojša Glogovac: Dorćolac iz Trebinja

Nebojsa Glogovac: Dorcol local from Trebinje

Nebojsa Glogovac, the self-made legend of Serbian acting, unlikely psychologist from Trebinje by birth doesn’t fail to impress with any role he takes. He spent his childhood in Pancevo and became a Belgrader...
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Janko Tipsarević: Beograd nije najlepši grad, ali svi iz njega ponesu najlepše uspomene

Janko Tipsarevic: Belgrade isn't the most beautiful city, but people take away the best memories from it

I grew up in a modest family in the neighborhood called “Fontana” or “Student town”, an area which could be called the “ghetto of New Belgrade”. When I was growing up there it wasn’t the best of neighborhoods....
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Dejan Savić: Dečak sa Miljakovca na krovu sveta

Dejan Savic: A boy from Miljakovac on top of the world

Famous water polo player and current selector for the representation of Serbia (which he led to victory in all representative competitions) speaks with 011info about growing up in Belgrade, his favourite...
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