Jewelry Belgrade

Address: 23 Brace Srnic st., Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 011/7470-817, 061/6368-888, 063/8206-283

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Purchase gold and silver Beautiful and Moneta

We are in the TC Brace Srnić 23 in Voždovac and we are buying gold, gold jewelry, broken gold, golden coins and items made of gold.
We buy silver, silver jewelry and all kinds of silver objects. Also, buy and various valuables.

Introduces you to the process of testing, measurement and assessment of valuables. Payments may be made immediately in cash.

We repair jewelry of gold and silver. We make jewelery to order. We sell silver and gold jewelry.
With us you can pawn your valuables with the best conditions, without time-consuming and complicated procedures, in its absolute discretion.

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