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Life coach, education Belgrade

Useful information

Studio “Stepenik” is:
* A SPACE that you can rent for your meetings, presentations, workshops, educations etc.
* A TEAM of coaches who offer specialized education for the purpose of personal and professional growth, group work (training and workshops) and individual work with clients (coaching, consulting, mentoring)
* ART – furnishing your space with art pieces, design and furnishing for business, selling and hospitality spaces, creating unique artistic and graphical solutions for your business and interior, consulting.

Space lease for education, workshops, meetings and presentations.

Studio “Stepenik” is a multifunctional, bright and pleasant space suitable for lease and organizing various events such as presentations, promotions, workshops and business meetings. The optimal capacity of “Stepenik” is 15 participants.

Thanks to our modern equipment and harmonic interior design, our space is very flexible and allows for easy adjustment to different conceptual needs. Another advantage is our phenomenal location in the center of New Belgrade, easily accessible with a large number of public parking spaces and privacy thanks to the fact that we are facing greenery and a peaceful part of the apartment complex.

“Stepenik” studio provides ideal conditions for comfortable work thanks to our professional equipment. Our studio offers:
- Comfortable seats
- Two meeting tables ideal for various setups
- Projector
- Flip chart
- Air-conditioning
- “La Fantana” water cooler
- Small kitchen with refrigerator
- Nesspresso coffee machine

The first reaction and impression of our guests is a skillfully balanced, pleasant, bright, comfortable atmosphere with business and professional functionality.

Personal and professional education – working in groups and individually, coaching and consulting.

Investing in your personal development has become necessary and more than useful, all with the goal to more easily deal with different stages of life, changes and challenges. No matter which segment of your life you would like to advance, there are many ways, methods and techniques that are available for you to learn and apply.

How is this useful to you and why choose the education provided by “Stepenik” Studio team?

- We have a very broad spectrum of knowledge and experience that we put in the service of your personal growth and progress.

- Our education specializes in progress, both in business and private plans and is a combination of the latest methodology for developing the human potential such as NLP and Canfield methodology.

- Our work is the result of personal experience, knowledge and practice

- All our workshops and training involve and include many practical exercises through which you will understand and easily adopt new knowledge.

- We adjust our workshops to our clients’ needs.

Our workshops and the training in our standard offer include:
- Lost in translation
- Leadership training – coaching as tools for managers
- Successology
- The art of creating visuals

Lost in translation – set of workshops

How many times have you heard or said to someone “I feel like I’m talking Chinese!”. Do you often find yourself having to explain your words or struggle to figure out what someone tried to say?

Seeing how the quality of our relationships – both private and professional – depends primarily on the way we communicate, our workshops “Lost in translation” will teach you how to become clear and precise when communicating. You will understand how two people can have different descriptions and interpretations of the same experience and learn to differentiate between different types of communication and learn how to speak the same language as your conversation partner, learn how to listen and increase your flexibility in everyday communication, while enriching your relationships with your environment with mutual respect and validation.

Leadership training – coaching as tools for managers

This workshop is intended for all team leaders who would like to improve their leadership skills through coaching, as an exceptionally useful and practical technique. Applying coaching makes it easier for the managers to communicate and understand their team while promoting employee motivation and efficiency.

You can use it to set up, plan and monitor your yearly business goals as well as to solve crisis situations.


This is a unique type of training in our market, licensed by Jack Canfield. It is a collection of applicable and proven principles of success that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Successology will help you take your life into your own hands and reveal what it is you truly want, clarify your goals, improve your focus, overcome your fears and barriers and make a plan for reaching your goals and the kind of success you desire. Find more details here.

The art of creating visuals

Knowing how powerful images can be for sending a message, we have united our knowledge of art and business and created a unique workshop that will give you practical knowledge on how to get your message across to your audience using visuals in everyday business. “How to make your picture worth a thousand words” is a skillfully structured workshop where we alternate practical technical knowledge, strategies of visual communication, basic art and learning about the art of creating precise requests towards your creative team.

Through a theoretical background and creative exercises, you will learn how to make your visuals clear and powerful in the context you use them. If you work with marketing agencies every day, this workshop will help you advance your cooperation, get better creative solutions and largely reduce misunderstandings. One participant described our workshops simply as: “Learning seriously useful and professional skills about images in an easy and fun way, through games and good atmosphere.” See more details here.

In addition to our workshops, you can also work with us individually in the form of coaching or consulting.

Coaching involves individual work where the coach guides and supports the client through conversation with the goal of elevating their awareness of their own abilities and resources and swiftly and easily achieving their goals.

Coaching helps the clients focus and see their current situation in the best possible way, define their goal and set out to reach it.

By using their professional knowledge and skill the coach helps the client discover and utilize all of their potential and abilities in order to proceed in the direction they want to go.

Art and communication, design and equipping business, sales and hospitality space – consulting.

In addition to educations, workshops, individual work, our Stepenik studio is also home to art: nationally-produced, modern, authentic and available.

Studio Stepenik is not a classic gallery. Our idea is to find precisely the right type of art for each of our clients, making sure it suits their personality and their business, brand and budget. Wall art in business and commercial areas supports and benefits the business in a special way, sending powerful messages to your clients, employees and customers. We are there to make a selection of perfect art pieces for you, to send exactly the message you want to send to your clients, buyers, users and coworkers.

In our offer, as part of the Art a Porter platform we have art pieces available as printed art – high quality digitally printed art by authors from our country, with regulated copyright and original art work – paintings, graphics, drawings. It is our special joy and pleasure to design and realize unique and creative graphic and art solutions, just for you, for your business and current projects and needs.

In addition to art we also offer complete solutions for space design in the service of your business.

How do we do that?

Through analysis and understanding of every aspect of your business, products, services and target audience. We then come up with, choose and combine designer elements so that they form a coordinated functional and aesthetic whole that supports the growth and advancement of your business. We coordinate all types of communication that are required by your business so that they work well together in your interior. This can be important information about your services and products, event calendars, price lists and the like. All the segments and details of your business, sales or hospitality interior is composed into a harmonic whole.

In every aspect of our work, throughout various activities, our message remains singular and clear – belief and action for improvement and advancement, step by step, day by day.

Contact us:
Studio Stepenik
84 Zorana Djindjica boulevard
Phone: +381 69 2456311





STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd
STEPENIK Life coach, education Beograd