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Lighting Belgrade

Useful information

Our company “Stelex ltd.” has been successfully working for over 20 years (since 2009). We work in LED lighting (home, office, street, special lighting, lighting system and the like) through projecting, delivery, import and placement as well as installing and reconstruction of lighting in buildings.
We are the official and exclusive importers of the Russian LED lighting manufacturer “LEDEL” from Kazanje and in the near future we plan to begin a partnership-based production of LED lighting in Serbia, so that LEDEL will become a local manufacturer and its products will be much closer and more available to national institution. The serial production of industrial, street, office, commercial and household lighting is based on OSRAM and CREE LED diodes and we have also developed a system for intelligent lighting operation.
We are talking about exceptionally high quality LED lighting with the following characteristics:
- 100,000 work hours (around 30 years on averag)
- Efficiency >100lm/W
- Protective failsafe for voltage up to 2000V in case of overheating and short circuiting protection
- Spectrum that is very close to natural light
- Over 5 years of guarantee


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