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Lightnig conductor installations Belgrade

Useful information

In cooperation with French companies shits and MG-tronic, to produce parts, currently the world's most reliable and best lightning rod from the early starting SKYLANCE for them and their are a representative for the Balkans. Warranty SKYLANCE lightning rod for 20 years, and life - unlimited.

SKYLANCE E.S.E. lightning - far ahead of time: 40, 60 and 90 μs.

We offer our customers assistance in selecting, designing, measuring and installation, and any time we can ask for clarification of any ambiguities in the field of lightning protection.

In addition, we and various machine parts, tools, and construction of stainless steel and other various materials.

The range of products that we do for our customers in France and produces light - drawn wire.


GROMOBRAN DOO Lightnig conductor installations Beograd
GROMOBRAN DOO Lightnig conductor installations Beograd