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Magnetic resonance Belgrade

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X-ray diagnostics
Even the most modern methods of \"imaging\", such as a scanner or MRI, has retained its important position in the most modern diagnostic centers and in various areas of medicine such as: - Gastroenterology - Urology and nephrology - Orthopedics and rheumatology with traumatology - Cardiology and pulmonology - Otolaryngology

Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs: - Ultrasound examination of the neck: - Ultrasound images of thyroid arteries in the neck - Changed the lobe of the thyroid gland - Ultrasound examination of the breast and axillary regions - Ultrasound examination of soft tissue structures and joint - Ultrasound examination of the gynecological region - Ultrasound examination in pregnancy - Ultrasound of the scrotum and penis - Ultrasound examination of the heart - Ultrasound examination of the hip in infants At birth and check-ups of particular importance for newborn whose parents or close relatives had a congenital hip disorder in the development COLOR DOPPLER diagnosis Last few decades, ultrasound apparatus and are made with the Doppler option. Thanks to Christian Doppler Austrian physicist, we are able to carry examination of blood vessels (arteries and veins) analyzing the flow rate through them, thus giving the vessel in transverse or longitudinal section complete the impression of a blood vessel reviewed. There are numerous examples in which the use of color Doppler examination is essential, let us mention some of the most important: - Color Doppler echocardiography - Mitral regurgitation - Mitral regurgitation - Color doppler of blood vessels of the neck - Color Doppler head and neck - Dissection of the carotid artery wall - Trans cranial Doppler (TCD) - Color doppler blood vessels of hands (upper extremities) - Color doppler of blood vessels of the legs (lower extremities) - Color Doppler of the lower extremities - Condition after af - a by-pass - Color doppler blood vessels of the liver - Color Doppler renal blood vessels - Color doppler blood vessels of the penis and scrotum - Color Doppler of the abdominal aorta - Color Doppler AV fistulas for hemodialysis SURGERY - General Surgery - The area of vascular surgery - The area of traumatology orthopedics INTERNAL MEDICINE Much like when we talked about the SURGERY as areas, we will not pay attention to internal medicine with the positions of all its branches, but rather from the position of the field of Internal Medicine that are represented at the Polyclinic Medicor. - Cardiology - Gastroenterology - Hematology (blood diseases) - Nephrology (kidney disease) - Neurology - Neuropsychiatry - Dermatovenerology - Otorhinolaryngology (diseases of the ear, nose and throat) - Rheumatology - Pulmonology - Immunology - Pediatrics LABORATORY As with any serious medical institution, and in our Clinic laboratory has its special place in the significance and consists of the following segments: - Biochemistry - Microbiology - Mycology - Parasitology


MEDICOR POLIKLINIKA Magnetic resonance Beograd
MEDICOR POLIKLINIKA Magnetic resonance Beograd
MEDICOR POLIKLINIKA Magnetic resonance Beograd