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Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade

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Beauty salon Gold was founded in 1987. and until recently was located at Omladinskih brigade . 2008th was moved to the street Yuri Gagarin 49 , Block 70, in the larger space . We thank all our customers for their trust and patience , and especially our former girls , now mothers , whose children today , saying trust us , are our biggest success .

- Facials -

Every person and every skin requires specific care . The most important thing is to recognize what the skin needs and apply just the one treatment that will allow you achieve the best effect , depending on the degenerative changes in the skin .

Sometimes it's just a classic hygienic beauty treatments that are needed since puberty ... because actually most of the changes in the skin and occurs at puberty , to modern treatments for skin tightening, its rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction .
We will choose the right treatment .

- Classic facial

- Biological treatment of persons

- Medical facials

- Mesotherapy without needles

- Microdermabrasion

- Body Treatments -

We are all different ... and our bodies are different and its potrebe.Najvažnije to recognize what is , and what the problem is , that treatment will achieve the maximum desired effect ... and determine a sufficient number of treatments . Whether you want to strengthen your skin , reduce waist circumference , remove cellulite ... or remove degenerative changes in the skin of the body ... It is important to be aware that every body is different, that respond differently to treatments ... and that the results achieved at various time intervals .

We are here to help you and find the right treatment for you .

We offer:

- Massage
- Vacuum Therapy
- Packaging
- Program GERnetic
- Hair Removal
- Pedicure
- Manicure
- Strengthen natural nails
- Making nail gel
- Nail - tips
- Detox

- Professional make -

Makeup is not a fashion , it is not a mask , makeup is the art of recognizing and highlighting the advantages and draws each person . Professional make-up will help you to feel safe and will raise your self-esteem . Appropriately chosen makeup according to skin type , color , application method . That's all that ultimately provides the perfect look ... and it is the job of professional make-up artists .

- Silk Lashes -

Beauty salon Zlata next kvalitnog staff has complete equipment and special glue silk lashes. In our salon we care primarily for the safety and health of our clients!

Silk lashes are glued to existing lashes special adhesive that contains no components and substances that can cause irritation or allergy eyes . The special adhesive is completely safe and is suitable for people who wear contact lenses .

Silk lashes last as long as your lashes , or fall with the process of falling natural lashes . Percentage falling to 30% at 4 to 5 weeks !

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KOZMETIČKI SALON ZLATA Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
KOZMETIČKI SALON ZLATA Manicures, pedicurists Beograd
KOZMETIČKI SALON ZLATA Manicures, pedicurists Beograd