Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade

Address: 128 Jurija Gagarina st., lokal 128, Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: 011/718-38-06

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Salon is open 20.05.1995 in block 45 (Novi Beograd), then the first pedicure - manicure salon in the area within which they operated hot and cold waxing and tanning provides services to turbo solarium. Since then has been operating successfully satisfying the most demanding customers constantly expanding and complementing services following the latest trends in the field of face and body care.

We are proud of the professional, patient and friendly staff that is always ready to help in solving any problem in the field of cosmetics, pedicure - manicure and physical therapy.

Continuous improvement, training, consultation and visits to trade fairs cosmetics allow us constant expansion of services that we provide, so that choosiest have problem to decide which treatment before you decide.

Your just have to visit us, and let us rest!

Years of work experience and guaranteed quality of service. Yours is to let our professional and friendly staff will introduce you to the world of cosmetics, offering you a range of treatments balanced exactly to your needs, depending on the skin type, the condition of your problems, health and financial situation.

While waiting for an appointment for your treatment, you can relax in the cafe Charlie.