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Manicures, pedicurists Belgrade

Useful information

Stilletto, a studio for hair and beauty services, is located in the very center of Belgrade at 83 King Alexander Blvd. Bulevar across the street from "depot" shopping center.

Founded in the spirit of the traditional house of beauty, studio Stilletto combines friendly professionals who are in every sense of the word well equipped to help you, our respected clients, and to provide excellent services in the field of beauty and health care.

Our business strategy could best be defined by the statement that your satisfaction is a testimony of the quality of our services. Our goal is to, in a relaxing ambience of our lounges, along with refreshing beverages, make you feel comfortable while we care about you through a wide range of treatments we offer.

Hair Services

* Female, male and kids' haircuts ;
* Blow Drying at a promotional price of 500 RSD for all lengths of hair ;
* Pigmentation, in other words, tinting existing tone of hair ;
* Painting strands of hair ;
* " Ombre " ; a technique of dyeing overflowing tones of hair from light to dark and vice versa
* " The sun in her hair " ;    a hair coloring technique
* Removing the hair paint without damaging the hair, the technique without remover;
We especially recommend treatments and ampoules for hair care, well- known masks and conditioners, as well as lasting hair color Revlon house.

Cosmetic Services

* Beauty treatments, cleaning and basic care entities;
We recommend the dynamics of 3-4 treatments per year


* Hair removal cold wax and silk scraps ;
Important note : Wax throws after use so that the sterility and hygiene at the highest level .
* Depilation with sugar paste ;
* Sugaring epilation ;
Painless , hygienic , reduces the number of countries , has the effect of epilation and smooth skin , 100 % natural.
* Intimate waxing sugaring at a promotional price of 800 RSD .

Manicure and pedicure

* Pedicure classic ;
* Medical Pedicure .
For a nice foot it is important for it to be healthy and cherished .


* The classic manicure ;
* Nail extensions ;
* Chiropody ;
* Strengthening natural nails ;
* Durable French ;
* Gel color ;
* Durable lacquer ...

With the correct treatment of nail and skin hand you will have the cherished and healthy hands . This means properly cutting and shaping of the nails and once a month treatment manicure .


* Relaxation massage ;
* Therapeutic Massage ;
* Sports massage ;
* Anti-cellulite massage .


STUDIO STILLETTO Manicures, pedicurists Beograd