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Masage Belgrade
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Welcome to club “Professional”!

AQUA DETOX treatment!
Remove the toxins from your body over 6 half an hour treatments in 15 days.

A place to rest your spirit...if you are tired from planning a better life, your head hurts, your back is bent, there’s no place for your soul to rest, you feel sad or nostalgic and every bone and muscle hurts...

There’s a cure: come to our club “Professional” and select one of the 19 kinds of massages that our club offers:

Royal massage
Have you ever enjoyed the art of a Royal massage with four (therapeutic) hands? Delight your body with a special anti-cellulite massage and bring yourself some good mood.

You want silky smooth, toned skin? Try our honey massage “Pcelica” (Bee).

Caring for your baby starts while you’re still pregnant. Awaken your internal touch and caress your baby with Love massage

Forever massage
Since the ancient times this relaxing, energizing and vitalizing massage has been great for prevention – Forever massage

Shiatsu massage
An Eastern massage, Shiatsu uses the flow of united energy to bring your KI energy to balance.

The massage of ancient Hawaiians, Lomi-Lomi with a therapist that dances around you will free your body of various negative energies...

Magic Touch
Spondylosis? Hypertonia? Lumbago? With “Magic Touch” massage you’ll help your body relieve pain and tension....

Lavender, bergamot, mint, cedar tree, chamomile, jasmin...together with Decocte aromatherapy massage they will harmonize and revitalize your body and spirit.

Walking on clouds
Walking on clouds? Yes, thanks to reflexology foot massage. Walking on clouds is where the therapist stimulates all the internal organs, bringing them to harmony. Discover the secret of Tobija holistic massage using warm pillows full of herbs. Recognize the awakening of hidden beauties of your body.

Pantha Rei...
Free your body of the toxic matter using beneficial French lymphatic drainage “Pantha Rei”.

Rest your body, soul and mind through a relaxing, detoxing and revitalizing Synergy thermal-aromatherapy massage.  

Sports and massage, Olimpia – always together

Volcano power
Original volcanic rocks from Hawaii will introduce you to a magical world of pleasures with their shapes, size and beauty.

The Big Blue
Don a shroud of sea mud and reduce pain and energize your organism with all the minerals it needs using the Fango-therapeutic massage Big Blue. Speed up your weight loss and surface micro-circulation, feed your skin using oligo-minerals and mineral salts and vitamins from algae via Balneo-therapy massage Big Blue.

Come to our massage club professional with your loved ones to spend pleasant moments with Together massage

And finally:

Belgrade massage
After 15 years of educational work at body massage school “Professional by Pedja Filipovic” with the help of a special blend of essential oils and herbs, we have developed Belgrade massage that will do wonders for the balance of your body, spirit, mind...

Predrag “Pedja” Filipovic
Belgrade massage originated on the anniversary year of my 15 years of education work in the domain of massage at the authorized body massage school Professional in Belgrade. It stands as proof of the knowledge and experience put into serious work which to this day over 25000 students have had the chance to confirm.

Belgrade massage was based on selected and precisely guided elements of classic manual massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, hand and foot reflex-therapy, ayverde holistic massage, kinetic therapy, shiatsu, fito-therapy and music therapy. It respectfully approaches every human as an individual whole of physical, mental and spiritual being, woven on all parts and spaces of planet Earth using the same material. This is why it surpasses the instances of time, including ancient traditional methods and skills and incorporates them to present times. It is rich in natural elements such as earth, saltwater, herbs, pure ether oils, selected quality oils, cotton materials with absolutely no synthetics. Belgrade massage was designed to help the modern person preserve their health, relieve tension, recognize and resolve energy blocks with the goal of knowing one’s self and focusing on the primary focus of breathing while slowly unraveling their entire being.

Our city, my city, deserves a massage of its own.

The author of the name and method:
Predrag “Pedja” Filipovic
Higher physical-therapist, massage teacher
PROFESSIONAL massage school at 28 Nemanjina street (AD Djuro Salaj), 011/36-11-866, Belgrade.
Predrag Filipovic is the author of the program at the school of manual body massage Professional and the copyright holder for the massage method. The massage school uses its program to introduce and teach theoretical and practical setups of classical hygienic, therapeutic, shiatsu massage, foot reflex-therapy, acupressure, aromatherapy, sports massage, specific pathological conditions massage, pregnant women and baby massage.

Massage school “Professional” has existed in Belgrade for 15 years, in Banja Luka for 6 years. So far we have educated over 25,000 students. Our school’s seven months program ends with a test on professional abilities of the trade: manual therapeutic massage specialist.

Massage using the Professional program is applied at Prolom, Lukovska, Ribarska and Koviljaca spa, at the National theatre in Belgrade (conditionally and therapeutically for the ballet ensemble), for eight years as a part of Belgrade marathon. For four years from 1992 to 1996 it was applied to rehabilitate the wounded at the Orthopedic clinic Rudo in Belgrade. In the period between 24th of March to 9th of June 1999.

Predrag Filipovic was engaged as a permanent member of the Anti-stress committee where he educated the health workers in Professional massage as well as the patients for the purpose of helping the citizenry and especially children in overcoming their stress after the bombing. Predrag Filipovic was also engaged for a year as a massage lecturer at the Higher medical school in Belgrade.

Professional massage techniques have been presented many times within various TV shows and newspapers.