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Masage Belgrade
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Welcome to Massage Club Professional, a space dedicated to the relaxation of your spirit, body, and mind. If you're tired of everyday stress and in need of a better life, you will find refuge here. If you suffer from headaches, a bent spine, or feel the weight of sadness and longing, this is the place where you can find relaxation.

Massage Club Professional offers a wide range of massages, with 20 types to choose from:

  1. Royal Massage with 4 Hands - Experience the art of royal massage performed with four therapeutic hands.
  2. Good Mood Massage - Anti-cellulite massage that will cheer up your body.
  3. Bee Massage - Lymphatic-vacuum honey massage for silky and firm skin.
  4. Love - Pregnancy massage for the care of the baby even during pregnancy.
  5. Forever Massage - Anti-stress massage for relaxation and revitalization.
  6. Shiatsu Massage - Eastern massage that balances the life energy KI.
  7. Lomi-Lomi - Hawaiian massage for harmonizing the mind, soul, and body.
  8. Magic Touch - Therapeutic massage for sore back.
  9. Decocte (Decoction) - Aromatherapy ritual for harmonizing body and spirit.
  10. Walking on Clouds - Reflexology for feet to stimulate internal organs.
  11. Pantha Rei - Manual lymphatic drainage to release toxic substances.
  12. Maderotherapy Wellness Ritual - Massage with wooden rollers in anti-cellulite, sports, and therapeutic practices.
  13. Magic Face Ritual - Wellness program for facial and neck skin care.
  14. Magic Face Maderotherapy Wellness Ritual - Maderotherapy for the face.
  15. Synergy - Thermo-aromatherapy for relaxing body, soul, and mind.
  16. Olympia - Sports massage for sports enthusiasts.
  17. Volcano Strength - Massage with volcanic stones for complete enjoyment.
  18. Detox Treatment - Detox massage with activated charcoal and zeolite.
  19. Together - Couples massage for sharing pleasant moments.
  20. Belgrade Massage by Peđa Filipović - A unique massage with an authentic Belgrade touch.

Belgrade Massage is based on carefully selected and precisely directed elements of classical manual massage, lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, reflexology of hands and feet, fangotherapy, Ayurvedic holistic massage, kinesiotherapy, Shiatsu, phytotherapy, and music therapy. This massage respects the individual as a unique whole of physical, mental, and spiritual being, incorporating ancient traditional methods and skills into the present moment and spatial dimensions encompassing elements from various global origins.

The Belgrade Massage is enriched with natural elements such as earth, sea water, plants, pure essential oils, quality marigold oil, and cotton materials, avoiding synthetic products. It aims to help modern people maintain health, overcome stress, and stimulate recognition, awareness, and resolution of energy blocks. This massage emphasizes the importance of the primary process of breathing to achieve self-awareness, gradually opening the doors to the entire being.

Our city, Belgrade, deserves its unique massage.

Author of the Method and Name: Predrag Peđa Filipović
Wellness Ambassador of Serbia and Montenegro
Senior Physiotherapist - Massage Instructor

Nemanjina 28 (AD Đuro Salaj), 011/36-11-866, Belgrade

The school offers a program covering theoretical and practical aspects of various types of massage, including classical hygiene, therapeutic, Shiatsu massage, reflexology of feet, acupressure, aromatherapy, sports massage, massage for specific pathological conditions, and massage for pregnant women and babies.

Professional Massage School has been operating for 30 years in Belgrade, 20 years in Banja Luka, and is also present in Podgorica, Zagreb, Rijeka, and Makarska. Over the years, the school has trained over 30,000 students, with a one-year program culminating in an exam for manual therapists.

Massage techniques from the Professional program are applied in various locations, including Prolom, Lukovska, Ribarska, and Koviljača spas in Serbia, the National Theatre in Belgrade (used conditionally and therapeutically in the ballet ensemble), and for eight years at the Belgrade Marathon. They were also used in the rehabilitation of injured patients at the Orthopedic Clinic Rudo in Belgrade from 1992 to 1996.

At one point, Predrag Filipović was a member of the Anti-Stress Committee, training healthcare workers and patients in health centers to overcome stress caused by bombing. He was also a guest lecturer on massage at the Higher Medical School in Belgrade.

Professional massage techniques have been featured in various TV shows and newspapers. New offerings include massage rituals at Massage Club Professional, where visitors can enjoy cedar sauna and professional spinal and body stretching on the MASTERCARE table.