Masage Belgrade

Address: 11a Kralja Petra I st., Kaludjerica
Belgrade Phone: 064/875-1379, 064/136-3638, 064/875-1317

4/ 5stars

Sports and recreation club D 'fine, can be found in Sopot in Kralja Petra Prvog street at 11a in Belgrade. With our work, our club started a few years ago and to date has created a recognizable name in the domain of their work.

The club consists of two parts:
We have existed and worked for several years, enabling all interested recreational and professional athletes to train in ideal conditions.
The area of our fitness club and gym covers about 140 square meters, making it perfect for training a large number of our members. Our gym is equipped with modern exercise equipment, which will allow you to tone your body and feel much better.

We also have a complete cardio program and trainers for successful cardio workout. We have a large number of exercise equipment and free loads such as the Olympic weights and bars that are available.

Since the entire area of our fitness club and gym is air-conditioned, all members can enjoy a pleasant stay throughout the year.
Before and after training, you can use our modern equipped dressing room. Our desire is to enable you to get rid of excess weight, tighten and strengthen your muscles in a very pleasant environment.

Train in perfect conditions and free of excess weight. Be proud of the look of your body.

To women we wanted primarily to provide a bit of time to devote yourself and your appearance in a very pleasant atmosphere of the beauty salon, which aims to bring your beauty to perfection. Our professional staff consists of hairdressers and beauticians with long experience, which we made available a wide range of its services.

- blow drying
- formal hairstyles
- keratin
- hair extension
- Women's waxing
- Men's waxing
- Manicure, pedicure
- nail extension
- Anti-stress massage
- Anti cellulite massage
- Relax
- Solarium
- sauna

Styling in line with the latest global trends will allow you to have a hairstyle that will flatter your appear and be your biggest asset in all circumstances. In his work we use products of the most famous cosmetics brands, which deeply nourish your hair, restoring it to its former glory and beauty. Keratin packaging will refresh your hair and give her incredible richness and beauty.

If you want to quickly and easily extend the length of the hair, we recommend that you upgrade in our hair salon beauty. The best quality extensions that allow you to use your long ecstatic hairstyle in all circumstances.

Hair Removal in our salon will not be an unpleasant experience, even if you have very sensitive skin. When waxing we use wax of the highest quality, which leaves your skin velvety soft and smooth. With products we use after waxing, there will be a painful irritation and redness on the surface of your skin.

Relax massage - mild and pleasant massage which provides relaxation of the body and which is used for the prevention of stress and fatigue, and muscle relaxation. This is a manual type of massage that leads to the flow of energy through your body and its operation raises the general level of health of your body. You can opt for partial or relax full body massage - feet, legs, back, abdomen, arms, chest, neck and face.

Anti cellulite massage - this type of massage is the most natural way to rid the body of toxins accumulated in the fat cells. We offer a range of techniques of this type of massage.

Anti-stress massage - in addition to helping relieve stress, this type of massage is used to establish a balance, but also the removal of tension and painful conditions and the right choice for all people who are difficult, strenuous and tedious work. Specially designed anti-stress oils for this type of massage, aromatherapy effect transmit to you the scents that affect the central nervous system. In this way we achieve relaxation and relaxation of the highest level.

We'll make sure that your nails on the hands and feet at all times look perfect. With a manicure, pedicure, upgrade or chiropody will be able to express your creativity and quickly and easily and have a perfectly shaped, painted nails.
Beauty salon and fitness club that will highlight your uniqueness, beauty, your physical condition and appearance.
Fitness club and beauty salon D 'fine, Kaluđerica, Beograd.