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Change is never painless! Often the most important steps in your life happen only when it seems that we have no other choice . Moodiness, fatigue and illness are just proof that you are somewhere '' stalled ''. When you find a way to reopen, health and harmony return.

For the sake of your health and harmony we founded our center for massage and aromatherapy ORANG MALU .

A holistic approach and a variety of treatments will help you to stimulate and strengthen your vital energy, restore confidence, relieve stress and pain, boost your immune system and keep your overall health and balance.

Our team is composed of physicians, dermatologists, pharmacists , therapists and beauticians who will give their experience and advice to help you renew , restore and protect the health , good looks and smile.

The health of the spine and how to reach it.

Voltaire said:
'' The Art of the treatment is that the patient is entertained while nature does its job . ''

Change always comes at a price! It is not uncommon that the most significant steps in our life are taken in situations when it seems as though we have no other options. Moodiness, fatigue and illness are all telltale signs that there is some sort of ‘blockage’ inside of us. When we find a way to open up again health and harmony will return.

For the sake of your health and harmony we have founded our massage and aromatherapy center ORANG MALU.

Using a Holistic approach and other various methods we will help you stimulate and strengthen your vital energy, regain your confidence and relieve stress and pain, bolster your immunity and your overall health and balance.

Our team consists of doctors, dermatologists, pharmacists, therapists and cosmeticians who will use their experience and advice to help you renew, regain and preserve your health, beauty and smile.

Healthy spine and how to achieve it

Voltaire said:
 ''The art of treatment lies in entertaining the patient while nature does its work.”

Have you ever wondered what the human organism means to you?
It seems that the average person who is the undisputed owner of their own body has a neglecting relationship with it, even though they are aware of the perfection that nature granted them.

It isn’t until illness strikes that people begin to think about their body and grant it more than some random food, drinks and clothing without respecting the laws of nature in the process. If we only got to know our bodies a little better we would know that it is the pinnacle of precise planning and perfection of realization which always warns us and reacts and complains when it is neglected and abused.

Only a healthy body is beautiful and the beauty of the human body is estimated based on the relationship of all its parts.

The ideal body proportion and its form determines our physical appearance which must be completed by the nobility and beauty of the soul in order for everything to fall into place in a perfect mosaic of nature.

Nothing makes a man more powerless than when due to an illness of the spine he is unable to take care of himself.

When the conversation begins about illness of the locomotive system this is a sure confimration that the entire organism has been weakened.

Reasons for this are as follows:

  • - Insufficient movement and physical stimulation of the muscles
  • - Too much strain
  • - Long term and lighter injuries
  • - Poorly balanced diet
  • - Disruption of the micro-circulation of the blood
  • - Angiopathy (illness of the capillaries)

Among the many diseases of the locomotive system the most common ones are rheumatism and the systematic illness of the bonding tissues. They are characterized by damaging in the bonding tissues which is the start of a pathologic process in the joints, the cardio-vascular system and other organs.

Over one half of all of humanity today suffers from various forms of ossification. It used to be an illness of the old age but today due to physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyles it begins to appear as soon as after year 35.

Ossification occurs by deposition of free calcium both around the ends of the bones and inside the joint surfaces. It deposits where the organism is the weakest, that is to say in the parts of the skeleton which suffer the least stress. Those are usually the lumbal and neck parts of the spine and knees.

The deposited calcium may form larger growths (osteophites) and in time becomes obstructive by irritating the roots of the nearest nerves. In the case of lumbar spondylosis in addition to the irritation of the nearest nerve it also causes difficulties in rising and movement and in neck spondylosis it is often the cause of unpleasant headaches, limited movement and stiffness of the neck and pains in the entire shoulder area.

Modern medicine has no cure for ossification. In some more severe cases the deposits may be removed through surgery but most people resign to this illness as an inevitable part of growing old.

In addition to physical therapy, massage and spa treatments which relieve some of the discomfort the patients are usually prescribed medication or shots which relieve pains but don’t salve the problem.

The natural product biocataplasma offers a more permanent solution for these problems.


Biocataplasm is a completely natural product made out of herbs and organic compounds and essential oils

It is applied to the affected area of the body and through the skin it soon reaches the tissue under the skin layer and soon after the bloodstream through which the active nutritional substances from the cataplasm reach every part of the body and systems.

Thanks to its composition biocataplasm first detoxifies the organism and then slowly renews its biochemical regulation of the cells, regenerates the anatomic internal structures of the tissue and renews organ functionality.

The basic effect of the biocataplasm is aimed at dissolving the deposits formed on the ends of the bones and in joints and eliminates them through urine.

This nutritional biologically active product ensures the physiologically optimal functioning of the organism because it contains a rich assortment of aminoacids, mineral and micro elements, vitamins and such in a biologically active form.


  • - oxidation-reductive exchange
  • - enhancing of diuretic, diaphoretic and anabolical processes
  • - enhancin mircro circulation between cells
  • - anti-flammatory effects
  • - enhancing decomposition and separation of degenerative tissues as well as its natural elimination (through urinating)
  • - normalization of blood and blood pressure
  • - stimulating the glands and enhancing skin quality.

Applied in:

Locomotive system diseases, specifically:

  • - gonarthrosis
  • - coxarthrosis
  • - spondylosis
  • - arthritis
  • - arthrosis
  • - gout
  • - radiculopathy
  • - osteoporosis
  • - Behterev syndrome


Biocataplasm is not applied for three weeks after cortico products, in cases of carcinomes, fractures and fresh wounds.


There are no known side-effects, however the so-called effect of recalling the illness course may occur which is famous in homeopathy as well as brief resurfacing of the pain.

In this case the rheumatic pains may reappear even in places where they hadn’t existed previously. This simultaneously means that the product has finished the cleaning of the surrounding tissue and begun regenerating damaged structures.

During this period pains may intensify, however they will be brief.

The biocataplasm is applied to the affected areas and left to work for two hours, after which it is removed and the area massaged with a cream which is a part of the treatment.

The application of the product is done for four days in succession, followed by a break which lasts 10-20 days depending on your diagnosis and the stadium of your disease.


Length of product usage:
The phase of regeneration of the defense mechanism of the organism and the stable condition of the healthy organism depend on the starting condition of the body when the treatment had begun.

Time of the treatment is individually determined for everyone. On rough average improvements in stability and strength of the immune system is achieved after six months of treatment.

Experience has shown that after the stabilization a longer break can be taken. It is recommended that after the pleasing improvement of condition the treatment is repeated once to twice per year, in spring and fall, for the sake of detoxification and maintaining the ideal balance.

Prior to the application of the product you must have consulted one of our doctors for examination as well as providing documentation on any previous treatments you’ve had.


Is massage a luxury?

Touch, as a manner of evoking physical and emotional satisfaction is one of the oldest natural therapies. Touch connects us and is emotionally effective, it is gentle and warm and bolsters our mood, confidence, pleasure and overall stability of our organism.

Massage is the art of systematic body therapy using touch for the purpose of maintaining health, care and beauty of the body. The goal of every massage is to establish a balance and proper development for your organism’s life process.

Massages stimulate and have a calming effect, they relieve stress, relaxes your musculature and gives you a sense of security, establishing a physical and psychological energy balance restoring your body’s vital energy.

There are no to identical persons and therefore types of massages are different for everyone.

It is possible that the movements are the same, but their speed, strength and length differs individually.

Types of massages:
Therapeutically medicinal massage
Yumeiho massage
Ajeurvedic massage
Orang Malu massage
Awakening the senses using chocolate
Ampuku massage
Warm stone massage


Nature has given us many, if not all the answers. It is up to us whether we will accept, understand, unravel, adjust and use them.

Herbs have always played a vital role in human lives. They provide us with food, clothing and medicine and their scents also influence our emotions and thoughts, able to make a pleasant atmosphere.

Aromatherapy today is above all prophylactic method of maintaining a good physical and psychological condition, mellowing everyday stress and generally improving one’s life. It is close to unconventional medicine methods such as massage, acupuncture and bio-energy therapy.

Using aromatherapy methods the essential oils quickly reach the bloodstream and disperse their healing powers throughout your body. The time of absorption ranges from 20 to 70 minutes which is the most important quality of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Just like everything else in life, the essential oils also have a good and a bad side. For most part they are extremely beneficial but some kinds may be toxic. You can use them in various ways, like a massage mixture, inhalation, refreshment of your living space, addition to beauty product, baths, saunas, food preparation, pet care...

You can use them anytime in any situation but it is extremely important to remember the basic rule of aromatherapy which is: QUANTUM SATIS, meaning “no more than just enough”. You must strictly adhere to prescribed dosage because only one extra drop may induce a toxic reaction.

Body and health care

To be beautiful is to feel good in one’s own skin, it is the main perquisite for a good social, family and love life.

In regards to beauty, everyone is equal to begin with but everyone should make the most of what their genes gifted them.

Based on what we use to care for ourselves is our overall beauty. If we properly care for our skin using natural products with no conservatives and artificial components our skin will be very grateful to us and provide us with pleasure and confidence.


  • - biological treatment of the face
  • - acne treatment
  • - regenerative treatments
  • - anti-aging treatments
  • - lifting treatments
  • - regeneration and lip enlargement



  • - pealing of back skin
  • - regenerative skin treatments
  • - aromatherapy cream skin regeneration
  • - amber-based regenration therapy
  • - mineral mud regeneration



  • - anti-cellulite massage
  • - vacuum therapy
  • - anti-cellulite packages


An old Latin saying goes: “A healthy body stands on healthy feet”

This is more than enough to realize why feet are such an important part of our body both in terms of health as well as aesthetically. By practicing regular care of your feet you will grant yourself health and lightness of step.


Hands are a means of communication. Every day we give our hand to someone and accept someone else’s hand because we have a need to touch and be in contact, tell a tale without words. Soft and cared for hands are a declaration of respect and self respect.


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ORANG MALU Masage Beograd
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