Metal equipment Belgrade

Address: 16 Kneza Paskaca st, Batajnica
Belgrade Phone: 011/787-03-48, 787-03-49, 787-00-24, 848-71-17

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TRICOM Company
11273 Batajnica
Direction: 82 Kralja Vladislava street, Production and sales: 16-18 Paskaca street
Phone: 011/787-03-48, 787-03-49, 787-00-24, 848-71-17.

- Selling tin as rolls and panels: galvanized, galvanized painted, copper, chromed, aluminum (dyed and non-dyed)
- Cutting tin from rolls to desired sizes
- Producing tinsmith profiles up to 8,2m length (wind moldings, coves, square gutters…)
- Production of semi-circular gutters and verticals up to unlimited length and production of all kinds of metalwork
- Production of trapezoid tin for roof construction coverings
- Paneling…

- Selling tin (hot and cold pressed)
- Selling welded pipes – square, rectangular, round (construction and hydro-tested) precise pipes for furniture, ZP profiles, galvanized pipes
- Selling L profiles, UNP and INP profiles, sliding rails, pressed steel
- Cutting tin up to 13mm thickness and 3m length in an apkant press.
- Bending tin up to 10mm thickness and 3m length using an apkant press
- Cutting tin in CNC plasma up to 30mm thickness and gas cutting up to 150mm on a workbench 2,5x8m
- Elements for metal fences

- Door knobs, locks, cylinders, latches, balls, hinges, wheels and ribbons

- DeWalt, Bosch, Makita, Stenley, Black&Decker, Varstroj, Pirahna

- Machine bolts, tin bolts, plywood bolts, imbus bolts, turban bolts, self cutting bolts, pop rivets, metal anchors, nuts, bases, rivets…
- Drills, electrodes for welding, Co2 wires, cuts and grinding wheels, HTZ equipment
- Paint, diluting products, sprays..

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