Mining industry Belgrade

Address: 50b Mihaila Bulgakova st., 11160 Beograd-Mirijevo
Belgrade Phone: 011/7466-025, 065/8244-701, 060/862-98-69
E-mail: aba.geodetskakuca@gmail.com
Website: www.abageodeta.rs

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A company ABA-geodetic HOUSE ltd., at 50 bMikhail Bulgakov street, was founded as a geodetic organization to provide services in all areas of surveying activities in particular:

• Legalization constructed buildings without documentation
- Geodetic survey
- A copy of cadastral plan
- Technical Report on the property
- Built Design
- Photos

the land registry, cadastre, REAL ESTATES
- Reconstruction of parcel boundaries
- Establishment of plots
- Record changes from the construction of buildings, the construction of power lines or remove them
- Professional assistance in the field of real estate registration

- Project allotment or allotment and their implementation
- Creating surveys for urban and spatial plans

- Creating surveys for engineering projects
- Monitoring the spatial displacement of objects
- Transferring projects in the field (marking)

mine surveying
- Monitoring of landslides
- Record mining
- Calculation of excavated mass