Moving Belgrade

Address: 28 Trgovacka st., Žarkovo
Belgrade Phone: 064/292-36-41, 064/333-5252

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Services include transportation of your belongings from apartments, shops or businesses to the new preferred address. Basically we are everything a family, business or company needs to work. Your move with us will pass without a problem, which our skilled workers will make sure of.

If necessary, we will dismantle your individual pieces of furniture and assemble them at the new destination. All your stuff with us will be transported safely, and if necessary, wrapped in blankets and plastic-foil. In agreemend with us you will get the price moving-dependent migration to move. If necessary, in consultation with you, we will come to your home and assess the migration and you will get an offer with no obligation to hire us.

Our company is engaged in transportation of goods weighing up to 2 tons in Belgrade, Serbia and the countries in the region. For more information contact us through our phone numbers.

Opening hours: 00-24h, call for appointment!