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LENSOPTIC- multifocal center

Specialist ophthalmic office and optometrist store


LENSOPTIC-multifocal center, the optical and ophthalmic concept that began work in 1995 in Belgrade. A flawlessly experienced team of experts in the following areas: ophthalmology, contactology and optics works in two locations in Belgrade. The main services of the LENSOPTICA center include specialist ophthalmic examinations, retail sale of: eyesight glasses, contact lenses, dioptric plastic, sunglasses, sun lenses and all kinds of repairs and modifications. LENSOPTIC-multifocal center consists of two specialized optometrist stores as well as a modern ophthalmology office. The concept is designed to make sure that the customer receives a full ophthalmic and optometrist service “ALL IN ONE PLACE” including a complete ophthalmology examination for glasses or contact lenses, doctors’ advice on the best eyesight aides and professional salespeople. We sell: glasses, contact lenses, dioptric lenses/plastic, solutions for maintaining your lenses, lenses maintenance and education on the safe usage and maintenance of your contact lenses.


- Determining your diopter and prescribing the proper treatment/aides

- Diagnostics, treatment and checkups of eyesight problems.

- Computerized field of vision, corneal topography, tonometry and other.

- Diagnosing diabetes-related changes, high blood pressure changes, shortsightedness. Strabologic examination, determining color vision, expression and eyelid shower, glandular dysfunction, tear quality analysis and more.

- Examination for businesses and individuals.

Semi-rigid GP contact lenses

The latest generation of semi GP (gaspermeable lenses), modern design-spherical, aspherical, toric and conical lens. Contact lens manufacturers we work with: SOLECO, BOSTON, OPTIX, Bausch & Lomb, Alcon. Fitting, rapid acquisition of the lens upon completion of review by specialists. Professional assistance for users of semi-hard contact lenses Training for carrying and handling (putting, scraping, cleaning).


Soft contact lenses that we offer are made from the latest generation of materials and designed by renowned manufacturers, Bausch & Lomb, CIBA VISION, ALCON, HYDRON, COOPER VISION, LEDASOFT ..Soft contact lenses that we offer meet the needs of patients for a different period of time wearing, daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly. Soft contact lenses that are made of silicon hydrogel materials allow holders of those contact lenses extended wear (several days sleeping - without removing contact lenses). We try to have the most competitive and permanently low prices of soft contact lens. With regular consultations with doctors and examinations for lens care about the health of your eyes, Together we are trying to avoid complications and infections that can occur when using a lens.



In our LENSOPTIC-multifocal center we have a large selection of global manufacturers such as: Ray Ban , Vogue , Laura Biagiotti , Police , Furla ,Miss Sixty , Guess , Gant , Gucci..The dioptric plastic we offer is by the global brand ESSILOR with a complete palette of plastic lens and all indexes, designs and protective layers in monofocals, bifocals and progressive multifocals. The latest materials used in the market are available at our stores – legue aluminum, titanium, polycarbon, compressed plastic and much more.



Our experienced staff uses the latest ESILOR automatic machine-computer to process and install the lenses in a fast and safe way. All kinds of installments, repairs or replacements can be done at our store. We are especially proud to offer the option of MICROWELDING for glasses frames as the highest quality and most durable way to repair metal glasses frames.


Lensoptic Specialized optometrist store - Center

50/II Svetogorska street 11000 Belgrade
011 323 60 29 

Lensoptic Specialized Ophthalmic office

50/II Svetogorska street 11000 Belgrade
011 324 11 77 

Lensoptic Specialized optometrist store – New Belgrade

27/13 Goce Delceva street 11000 Beograd
011 319 55 09