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Organic food Belgrade

Useful information

Our production line consists of finished organic products with company branding and a special nature product mark. Our line “EKOMONTENEGRO” consists of organic nutrition additions, pure teas, herbal blends, products based on honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, organic cosmetics and so on. All our products are completely natural, without chemical additions, emulgators, preservatives, additives.   

Organic products are safe, free of artificial matter and chemical-synthetic pesticides. Thanks to that fact alone, they are much healthier and have better nutritional value. Research has shown that organic products can contain up to 63% more potassium up to 73% more iron, up to 125% more calcium and up to 60% more zinc than conventionally produced products.

Organic products, due to the way and process of their production which is in tune with nature, have better life force and energy, which is vital for maintaining immunity, regenerative processes and vitality of the human organism. It is especially significant in children’s diet.

Our offer includes the following products, among others:

- Apiary products with organic herbs

If you need natural diet supplements, honey products are the right choice for you. They contain honey, royal jelly, pollen, honeycomb and organic medicinal herbs.

If you would like to improve your immunity and the general condition of your organism, we recommend organic honey products that contain high levels of minerals and vitamins. They are recommended to anyone, including children and pregnant women, unless they suffer from an allergy to any of these products.

- Propolis herbal drops

Propolis herbal drops are natural dietary supplements based on propolis and organic wild herbs. Propolis is yet another amazing product that comes from bees and contains copious amountes of:

- Flavonoids

- Amino-acids

- Vitamins B1, E, B2 and C

- Mineral matter

- Aromatic acids

If you combine propolis with organic, wild-grown herbs, you will not damage your intestinal flora and it will help you strengthen your organism against different infections. Propolis herbal drops that we produce have won various medals, awards and acknowledgments in international fairs. All types of propolis drops with organic herbs can be taken by babies (dosed according to their age) children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Herbal drops

What’s especially important with drops that we produce is that they are all made out of organic, certified herbs which help with issues with circulation, blood pressure, cardiac problems, relieve stress and clean and strengthen the organism. Organic herb drops can be taken by children (dosed appropriate to their age), pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Herbal blends

Herbal blends are teas made 100% out of organic, certified herbs. Because their composition is all-natural, they can be taken every day and are recommended for all ages. Herbal blends – organic teas, can be taken by children (dosed appropriate for their age), pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

Natural fats and lotion

Natural salves made by combining apiary products and organic herbs can help with various skin conditions, infections, inflammations, damaged skin. When it comes to usage, natural salves with organic herbs can be used on babies, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Natural cosmetics

In our large production line, Ekomontenegro also offers 100% natural cosmetics intended for regenerating your facial skin and 100% natural massage oils. Our pomades are made manually, using organic ingredients without additives and preservatives. They contain:

- Herbal wax

- Beeswax

- Pantenol

- Marigold oil

- St John’s wort

- Yoyoba oil

- Sweet almond oil

- Sage oil

- Tea tree oil

The pomades, oils and lotions based on organic herbs can be used by children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Natural treatments

There are various treatments where we recommend using organic products that we offer. Out of many, we would like to highlight:

- Anti-parasite program
- Bronchitis
- Candida
- Cholesterol
- Digestive tract
- Sterility
- Liver dysfunction
- Prostate
- Regulating blood pressure
- Thyroid gland
- Urological problems
- Viral infections

The advantages of organic food

- Food quality and safety – organic products have increased biological and nutritional values best seen in the increased content of vitamins and minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron, omega 3 fat acids and anti-oxidants.

- Food without pesticide and heavy metal traces

- Genetically modified organisms (GMO) and their derivative products are completely prohibited in organic production

- Food without artificial additives, preservatives, emulgators, artificial coloring, aroma, flavor strengtheners

- There are no antibiotic, growth regulator and other veterinarian drug traces

Contact information:

Address: 14J Jurija Gagarina street – shop 11, 11070 New Belgrade

Phone: + 381 (0)11 411 20 42

Retail:  + 381 (0)69 785 024, (0)69 785 030

Wholesale: +381 (0)69 785 021







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