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We live in order to communicate! Our life is happening in an environment where communication is an unavoidable part of everyday life, and we are completely aware of the problems that can be created by disturbing of the communication. Inability of people with damaged hearing to communicate can bring to more serious problems such as: introvertness, dissatisfaction, dpression and rejecting any kind of a relation to the environment. OPS – OTOPROSTHETIC STUDIO – has been working in overcoming the problems of damaged hearing through its long-time experience. In our offer we have three different manufacturer of hearing aids: WIDEX, BERNAFON, and UNITRON, in whose rich offer you can find hearing aids for all levelsand types of hearing damage. This kind of choice offers you the possibility to stisfy your need for communication and significantly improve the quality of your life. In our studio’s offer there are hearing aids that go behind the ear and those that go into the ear (bugs), and they are made by the measure of the ear of the customer. OPS works in retail of hearing aids of digital technology that enables you not only to hear but also to UNDERSTAND what you hear. The choice of your hearing aid is up to you, and the solution to your problem of hearing and understanding is up to us. We invite you to come and try, trial periods of the hearing aids are FREE OF CHARGE.