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Orthopedic, orthopedic tools Belgrade

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HEALTHY AND UPRIGHT – sensor and motor soles.

We are the only place in the region where these types of shoe soles are produced. Our prestigious bio-mechanical laboratory gives us the results we use to approach design and later production of sensor and motor soles.

They can be therapeutic, athletic or just for everyday use and they are available for all ages. We make our products according to the license of the globally recognized brand FOOTPOWER. We’d like to highlight our vast experience and knowledge in producing children’s shoe soles. The phenomenal results we have observed in correcting the foot arch are the products of a unique design technology which provides the full amplitude of movement in all joints of the foot and it balances the activation and strength of all foot and shin muscles responsible for the stability and dynamics of the foot and movement in general.

“POKRET ZA OKRET” has paid special attention to children’s foot development. We cooperated in that sense with the most famous chiropodists in our country: Dr Deze Sep from 2002 to 2005, Dr Ivan Butkovic “FOOTPOINT CENTER” from 2005 to 2011 when we founded our own bio-mechanics laboratory. Soon we learned about all the latest scientific advances in footwear sole production and we began loyal senso-motorists for a reason.

“POKRET ZA OKRET” began work on the 1st of February 2002, after years of perfecting and education through the scientific approach in the area of proper childhood development through sports. With the goal of providing children with proper physical development with an all-inclusive approach and advancement of our own abilities, especially motor as well as attaining sports education and developing many skills of our already highly educated and carefully handpicked staff, with the use of the latest equipment and technology.

“POKRET ZA OKRET” is a unique group of sports organizations and businesses who offer services in sports with the goal of proper physical development, motor development advancement and sports education for children aged 3 to 12 in the territory of Serbia. The group includes:

  1. Center for athletic advancement with the latest sports laboratory led by experts
    “POKRET ZA OKRET” includes a certified laboratory for sports measurements. We own 2D and 3D postural analysis equipment, equipment for walking video analysis, sports techniques analysis, body composition analysis, cardio-stress index, metabolic profiling, motor performance testing, nutrition and activity program planning, spinal column status analyzer, dynamic and static foot analysis, weight distribution on foot soles during walking and standing, foot thermography

  2. Centar za sportsko usmeravanje sa najsavremenijom sportskom labaratorijom vođen od strane eksperata;
    U svom sastavu "POKRET ZA OKRET" ima sertifikovanu laboratoriju za sportska merenja.
    Posedujemo opremu za 2D i 3D Posturalne analize, Video analizu hoda, analizu sportskih tehnika, analiza telesnog sastava, kardio - stres indeks, metabolički profil, testiranja motoričkih performansi, program ishrane i aktivnosti, analiza statusa kičmenog stuba, Dinamička i statička analiza stopala, distribucija opterećenja na tabanima tokom stajanja i hoda, Termografija stopala, podoscope.

  3. SPORTS FOR CHILDREN – sports and education for kids with regular periodic programs which include almost all sports and which is conducted by a highly educated and experienced staff through the following programs:
    For ages 3-4 : Kids’ sports
    For ages 4-6 : Little school of sports
    For ages 6-8 : Sport Select

Working with international junior schools in guiding all extracurricular sports activities during their school time.

The trainings are done in the finest grand sports halls in schools around Belgrade. The dimensions of sports hall range from basketball court sized to handball court sized.

Sports measurements are mandatory for all participants of our sports school so that we can determine the best individual approach when it comes to exercising and the highest quality efficient work.

The duration of our basic program for children aged 4 and up is 60 minutes, while for children under 4 years old it is 40 minutes. The lessons of guided sports activities, gymnastics and sports games with a ball can last up to 90 minutes.

The sports lessons we provide follow the advanced and modernized program and methods of prof. Dr Gustavo Bale.


1. Sports camps and nature outings:
 Winter – ski camps and camps with games and activities in the snow.
Summer sports camps with many sports and entertainment programs and activities.
Nature expeditions – staying in nature, mountain hiking, walking, getting to know the flora and fauna of natural environments.

2. Creating sensor-motor soles and corrective athletic soles for shoes for everyday use for all ages with the partnership and licensing of the globally renowned brand FOOTPOWER.
“POKRET ZA OKRET” creates shoe soles for children and adults, corrective and athletic as well as sole for everyday use which correct certain foot deformities and improve the static and dynamic foot functioning.

3. Corrective work with children who have bad postural status (poor posture with muscle weaknesses and children suffering from lesser deformities) and overweight children.

4. Projecting and equipping sports laboratories.
We work in projecting and equipping sports laboratories. We train and educate using TEMPLO and CARDIOSCAN systems designed in Germany

“POKRET ZA OKRET” tries to conduct its programs at the best possible prices in accordance with the high standards we provide, which is why we’re seen as the school which offers the best price-quality ratio in favor of our members.

“POKRET ZA OKRET” employs two magisters of sports (both about to obtain their doctorates), 12 highly educated sports professors (240 ESPB and higher), at least one psychologist at any given time and other associates in the field of pedagogy.

On a yearly basis we hold around 1800 lessons in 6 location with closed sports buildings and in multiple locations in the open. For our school’s participants and other children who become our members we organize around ten sports camps and field trips in the territory of Serbia and abroad. So far around 6000 students have passed through our school. Some of them went on to become promising athletes, although the main goal of our school is to help children grow up healthy and grow to love sports.

For every lesson we engage between 4 and 6 sports pedagogists whose work is monitored by a psychologist or program coordinator.

All equipment that we use at POKRET ZA OKRET sports laboratory is new, approximately between two-three years within its production date, and made by renowned global manufacturers as well as CE certified in the highest EU standards.


POKRET ZA OKRET Orthopedic, orthopedic tools Beograd
POKRET ZA OKRET Orthopedic, orthopedic tools Beograd
POKRET ZA OKRET Orthopedic, orthopedic tools Beograd