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(Diploma in French and Serbian, CIDESCO certificate)

AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY was established to train new future cosmetologists and beauticians in existing techniques and methods of work as well as all new treatments for face and body, especially those that are specifically based on the use of thalasso spa and cosmetic products. Everyday Innovations in cosmetics require a new generation of beauticians who are able to immediately implement all the benefits and opportunities offered by new generation of cosmetics and devices, whose development and training was growing larger and larger, and which are now used in various treatments.

New beauty products enable many diverse beauty treatments for both face and body, which are very precise in their purpose and goals and with amazing results.

Also, an incredible development has been made in the years of plastic surgery and medical treatments that can change and beautify the human body to the most incredible customer requirements. This has increased the need for new generations of beauticians whose knowledge is based on the latest scientific developments in dermatology, cosmetology, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

BEAUTY ACADEMY AQUATONALE philosophy is that great knowledge associated with very high quality cosmetic products provides maximum performance and still satisfy the most demanding client.

AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is organized so that it can meet all the needs of modern cosmetology by providing highly skilled experts from the two branches:

GRADUATE cosmetologist


Relying on AQUATONALE and traditions and experiences Terms Marines de Saint Malo AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is now one of the most respected schools in the world in the field of cosmetics that has graduated professionals in almost all countries of the world who achieve great success and recognition in their work, and thanks to the knowledge acquired in AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY.

AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is managed by Dr Vera Zec, a world renowned expert in the field of cosmetology, the holder of many international awards. AQUATONALE BEAUTY ACADEMY is also organized, in its programs and subjects, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the EU and the Bologna Convention on the organization of similar schools.

Over many years of its existence Aquatonale Beauty Academy has given many generations of graduates beauticians and cosmetologists who have become successful and famous worldwide thanks to knowledge gained in Aquatonale Beauty Academy.

Today it is a modern cosmetic school that has two sections:


Spa Manager

planned for next year is another department:

Nutrition - Wellness and health products

All these years of its existence Aquatonale Beauty Academy is working on developing and perfecting new techniques and treatments for face and body following the latest research, techniques and methods from different parts of the world and incorporating them right into your curriculum. Today Aquatonale Beauty Academy trains its students in the most advanced treatments for face and body. Always based on AQUATONALE cosmetics and products for thalassotherapy Aquatonale Beauty Academy is in its program has developed so many different treatments for face and body that students today can not solve every problem of your existing clients with amazing results.

Today Aquatonale Beauty Academy is a well known cosmetic professionals with graduate school worldwide. Next year Aquatonale Beauty Academy celebrates its tenth anniversary.


Dr Vera Zec
- Graduated from the University of Belgrade - Production of cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials
- Specialisation in cosmetology
- Special scientific research papers in the field: The cathode effects during application of a modified apparatus currents on the human body
- Ph.D. Cosmetology
- Then she studied many scientific disciplines such as:
- Cosmetic Dermatology
- Cellulite
- Phytotherapy
- Aromatherapy
- Marinoterapija
- Vitamins and human body
- Different and special massages the face and body

- Completed many specialized courses:
- Ayurveda
- Acupressure and bioenergetic Meridiani
- Hot stone massage
- Cold stone massage
- Massage with precious stones

Many scientific papers and lectures at international conferences and seminars where he won many international awards prizes and plaques, CIDESCO Attest.

Dr Vera Zec has  gained all knowledge through long-term studies of work and incorporated in Aquatonale Beauty Academy.

How many successes achieved by the experts of the graduate school, thanks to knowledge gained in Aquatonale Beauty Academy has expressed Katarina Veljkovic, an expert in cosmetic and distributor for NZ Aquatonale

Other experts Aquatonale:

Marta Kadaš, cosmetologist from Bečej - CIDESCO Attest
Irena Popović, cosmetologist from Pozarevac
Aleksandra Nikolic, cosmetologist, London
Mirjana Lazarevic, cosmetologist from Lyon
Violeta Poleksić, masseuse in Strasbourg
Milan Mikovic maser "Cruise Lines' ships
Sanja Kalezić, cosmetologist, Podgorica
Natalia Kujumdžijeva, cosmetologist in Skopje
Aneta Moskov cosmetologist from Kotor and many others around the world.


Long has a few years ago I wrote about ozon-therapy and oxygen therapy, as well as their advantages. But the article has passed almost unheeded. Since then, the world of these two therapies are well-researched, scientifically proven and are the two powerful therapies that give very good results in both medicine and cosmetics. These two therapies are now used in combination or mixture of oxygen with ozone at different concentrations and is called oxygen-Ozono therapy or oxygen therapy easier. The share of ozone in pure oxygen can range from 0.5% to 5.0% according to the purpose of application. This therapy has found wide application in medicine in many areas, a range of application is really fast with a noticeable improvement.

Oxygen therapy is also given good results applied in cosmetics, especially in anti-aging treatments, rejuvenation of the whole body, treat acne, the anti-cellulite treatments, treatment of stretch marks, scars, thick, stains, etc. consolidating.

This therapy is now considered one of the best natural therapies for immediately visible results, not only immediate but lasting.

What is the craze in the world for oxygen treatments tells us the fact that Hollywood stars are separated by a week to $ 5,000 for one such treatment, and Madonna does not travel anywhere without his hyperbaric chamber.

What is achieved by oxygen treatment?

In one of the previous numbers we wrote about aging and aging theories that explain the processes of aging. Of all these factors in the aging process plays a most important role of free radicals in the metabolism of cells as the result of internal factors, and that inevitably leads to destruction of cells. During the natural aging process or internal changes occur in the skin at all levels:

Hipodermalnom level

The result of these changes is hyperkeratosis, atrophy, dryness of skin epidermal layer, reducing the number of functional cells, reduced proliferation of collagen, collagen type changes, changes in the structure of the network of collagen fibers, elastin structure changes - the advent of "elastosis" reduced levels of hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate, water retention in the tissue, impaired vascularization in the dermal layer thin lipid layer, the possibility of overheating or over-cooling the skin, atrophy hipodermalnog layer. These changes result in the appearance of fine wrinkles, deep wrinkles and overall visible skin aging.

Free radicals are atoms or molecules within the cell with the unpaired electron that attack cellular DNA in the effort to spare with anything that has electrons, thereby destroying the cell, causing premature cell death. In young people the natural antioxidant defense system protects the cells from the destructive effects of free radicals via enzymatic depletion. With years of antioxidant defense system becomes less efficient prizvodeći less oxidative enzymes.
Ozone is active oxygen stimulates the production of these enzymes by acting as a suppressant of free radicals and cell wall protector. In addition, ozone activates many processes inside the cell, which causes faster regeneration of skin cells if applied locally to the skin or the whole organism if administered in some other way. The result is visibly rejuvenation of the skin and entire body.

Oxygen treatment is suitable for all skin types and for only 30 minutes of treatment, the skin returns to a healthy youthful appearance, visible fine wrinkles disappear and deep wrinkles become much more shallow, the skin becomes sails, firm, hydrated enough, enlightened and overall appearance is very significant podmladjenosti visible immediately . Also, this treatment may enhance unwanted stains, treat akne.Tretman is a noninvasive, painless, safe and completely regenerates the skin naturally

How long will the results of this treatment?

After just one treatment are immediately visible to all the signs of skin rejuvenated. Such an appearance after the first treatment will last 5 -7 days. It is recommended that a series of six treatments once a week, which means you will be completely rejuvenated skin that looks jedrije, soft, hydrated and naturally enough a lot younger, I do not temporarily but permanently. After a series of six treatments is recommended to maintain this look on a monthly basis.

Let us add also that the oxygen treatments successfully treat acne, keeping in mind that the challenger acute inflammation of acne, Propionibacterium acnes is an anaerobic bacterium whose proliferation is not required the presence of oxygen, ozone destroys the contrary, and anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, which results in relief of inflammation, destruction of sebum and healing.

Oxygen treatments can be treated and other skin problems, as well as cellulite and obesity.

One of the methods of application of oxygen and ozone into the body and Hidroozonoterapija technique that is very used in many spa and wellness centers around the world as a very important treatment in beauty salons, as well as for personal use.
Hidroozonoterapija is a very simple application of oxygen and ozone in the human body where the ozone is absorbed through the skin and inhaled, and the benefits are

Relaxes muscles and relieves them of lactic acid
Toxins and oxidized to their elimination from the body
It improves blood circulation and therefore faster regeneration omogićava
Vasodilataciju stimulate peripheral blood vessels, free from pain and tension
Speeds up metabolic processes of organs and endocrine glands
Normalize cell respiration
Leaves skin feeling cleaner, soft and rejuvenates the
It helps in the treatment of chronic thick
It helps in treating all types of cellulite
It helps in reducing the problems caused by any action of the environment
It helps the natural process of detoxification of the body by increasing the amount of oxygen in it

Now you know why the movie star and other celebrities have skin as Chinese porcelain, why is princess Kate Middleton went to treatment with oxygen before the wedding, why Britney Spears bought a hyperbaric chamber like Madonna, why Mila Kunis paid $ 7,000 a treatment.
But remember just a real good quality appliances and get results!

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VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
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VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
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VERA ZEC Other education Beograd
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