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"SAPA" SYSTEM is mounted on the steering wheel, whereby the pinion itself is not damaged, so as not to jeopardize the safety of drivers in an accident. Installation of this system, prevents the transport of vehicles, dragging with a cord as well as any push or moving the vehicle and in case of tearing out the wheel, the function of the system remains unchanged. The system is equipped with a mechanical lock that is a unique solution in the world, bullet-proof and can not be brushed or shred. "Sapa" System is permanently mounted on the car and activated by a turn of the key. It is completely unobtrusive so as not to distort the appearance of the car interior.

PAW SYSTEM is a cylinder lock with coded key lock back steering the vehicle and the protection of motor vehicles. The principle of locks is as follows: cylinder lock is coded with a number of key combinations (over 50,000) is practically non-repeatable, which locks into the hole.

Paw system is mounted on the steering shaft and attached to a special bracket for locking the plug into the hole on the ring which was previously attached to the steering shaft. When mounting, between segments of the system (the system consists of four folding component, which consists of connecting a unit) to physically destroy the joints and extra security is the insertion of liquid metal so that it is impossible to dismantle without damaging the system.

The system has a bearing adapter for the steering shaft body (the ring which is fixed to the steering shaft), and his body in the radial direction of the shaft where they were placed cylinder locks and extended back to the thorn, which locks the steering wheel shaft. When the system is locked in the cylinder bore ring, previously attached to the wheel shaft prevents the rotation ring and thus the steering shaft. The very construction of the lock cylinder prevents the "combing" cylinder locks to achieve unlocking locks.

The principle of lock is properly chosen to achieve the objectives:
Prevention is not authorized driving the vehicle. The principle of operation is such that the lock is always locked whenever you remove the key, and since the position of the cylinder defines only driver (referring to the lock or locking system) and only when the lock is unlocked, it excludes any possibility samozaključavanja while driving because there is no option to unlock the lock and change the position of the cylinder without a key.


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