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Pancakes, waffle Belgrade

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The story of love and gelato ice-cream.

Linda and Greta, two women from Italy who have moved to Belgrade woke up one morning with an amazing idea – what if we could have the taste of Italy here in Belgrade. And what is a more iconic symbol of Italy than gelato ice-cream. Both women have spent so long in Serbia that they have learned to love everything that our country has to offer – all sights and flavors that make Serbia a beautiful place to live – but they also felt the nostalgic pull of their birthplace.

ConAmore means “with love” and this is exactly what they have introduced into their new adventure. They wanted to use only the finest ingredients from their home and the freshest fruits from our country and unite it all into sensational summer flavors.

They invited Angelo Maggi, the gelato master from the grand Milano gelato family “Chocolat” to train them and help them create a new palette of flavors for the only true Belgrade gelaterie ConAmore. Without experimentation or gimmicky flavors – only the best. Tradition with a dose of modernism.

Located in the heart of Belgrade at 21 Obilicev venac street, ConAmore has won the hearts and stomachs of many Belgraders. The most important thing is to understand that all we do, we do with love.

And everything is better...ConAmore!


Konus – cup

Piccolo – 160rsd
Medio – 270rsd
Grande – 380rsd

Frappe’ con gelato
Milkshake for ice-cream – 250rsd

Kilo – 1900rsd


COPPE – 490rsd

Ginger, vanilla, dark chocolate and pear ice-cream with chocolate and cream topping.

Coppa yogurt e fragola
Soft yoghurt with strawberries and organic honey

Coppa Nutellosa
Cream ice-cream, nutella, hazelnuts and cream

Coppa Linda
Mascarpone cheese ice-cream with strawberries, fresh strawberries and nutella topping

Coppa Greta
White chocolate ice-cream with pistachio, black chiclayo, cream and nutella

Coppa Frutta
Fruit ice-cream per your selection and fresh fruits

Coppa Con Amore
Dark and white chocolate, Amaretta chocolade, vanilla and cream.

Gelato al Limone Con Prosecco
Lemon and Prosecco bubbly wine ice-cream

Gelato al Limone Con prosecco e rakia (Sgroppino)
Lemon and Prosecco bubbly wine and rakia brandy ice-cream


caffe – 120rsd
caffe macchiato – 130rsd
cappuccino – 150rsd

affogato al caffe’ – 300rsd

Prosecco – 370rsd

Acqua naturale  – 90rsd
Acqua gasata  – 90rsd

We also offer mini-pancakes and squeezed juice.




CONAMORE Pancakes, waffle Beograd