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Address: 467 Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 064/188-1550
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Pet owners and all animal lovers can now find the largest selection of pet food, equipment, cosmetics and supplements for their friends. All that you might need in order to give these wonderful creatures from their earliest to late age. The assortment of our products includes: food, hygiene, cosmetics and diet supplements for dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, birds and fish.


We represent the famous global manufacturers of pet food such as:
Royal Canin, Happy Dog, Josera, Eukanuba, Farmina, Trainer, Bento Kronen, Cibau, Advance, Pro Plan, Hills, Versele Laga, Chappi, Matiz, Tommy, Pedigree, Friskies, Whiskas...

Our mission was to allow you to feed your pets healthily and nurture them throughout their lives. Recognizable quality and affordable dry foods, wet foods, treats and more are some among many reasons to choose us. In our offer we have some kinds of foods specially made to please the special needs of pets such as foods adjusted to delicate digestion systems, kidney problems or simply very picky pets. Famous pet food manufacturers are our genuine recomendation.

Hygiene and cosmetics

We can't forget that in addition to selecting the proper food, you should also take care of your pet's appearance. We offer a large selection of shampoos and conditioners for pet care, various kinds of powders, moist towlettes, eye and ear care, various kinds of brushes and combs, furminators, scissors, pinsers, tooth brushes and pastes, powders and more.


When it comes to equipment we offer all you might need. In our broad assortment you can find: dishes, bowls, leashes and harnesses, neck cones in various sizes, little suits, clothing, beds, toys, scratchers, cages, stands, fish tanks, filters and air pipes, decoration elements.

Diet supplements

Last but certainly not least we have diet supplements. Just like us, our pets also sometimes need additions to their diet such as vitamins and minerals to improve their general health. For that reason we offer immunity strengthening products, apetite improvement, fur coat quality supplements, skin condition and calcium-rich products for healthier bones, digestion, urinary tract and more.

In short, we made sure with great love and attention that you're able to find all you need for your pet at our Aki pet shop. We are located at 467 Kralja Aleksandra boulevard, in Zvezdara. Our kind staff is there to offer advice and help you make the best choices. If you have any special demands we'll be glad to order anything you might need. We also offer free delivery in Belgrade and for every purchased sack of food you get 10% discount.

Working hours:
- Workdays 9AM - 8PM
- Saturdays 9AM - 6PM
- Sundays 9AM - 2PM

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