Pets, pet shop Belgrade

Address: 83z Banatska st., Zemun
Belgrade Phone: 011/3077-960, 3077-961, 063/560-005
E-mail: office@happydog.rs
Website: www.happydog.rs

4.5/ 5stars

HAPPY DOG Ltd is a company established in 2001 with headquarters in Belgrade. Its main activity is importing and distributing food and accessories for pets.
Factory for the production of Happy Dog Food is located in Wehringenu, at the heart of Bavaria, and there is already more than 250 years. The food is combine natural and pure ingredients from local farms, aromatic and medicinal herbs and more that affect good health and vitality of your pets.
Our highest priority is quality, and therefore represents the Happy Dog and imported only reputable brands such as: HAPPY DOG (food for dogs and cats), Trixie (complete equipment for pets), Signor Gatti (shake the cat), Padovani (food birds and rodents), Mong (canned for dogs and cats) and STA Soluzioni (equipment for the birds).
Let us remind you that if you have a pet shop or registered action at wholesale Happy Dog, you can find a complete range of food and equipment for all pets. Over 5000 items in one place to properly equip your pet shop.
Our wholesale company located at Zemun, Banat 83 / b. Health and vitality of your pet and our ambition and commitment - from the earliest to mature ones.
Happy Dog is behind the highest quality label "Made in Germany" more than ever before, pet food is a matter of trust.