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Address: Vojvode Stepe 319, Vozdovac
Belgrade Phone: 064/2072-748, 011/7981-893

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We started work in January 2016, as a group of animal lovers and owners thereof. We are located at Duke Stepe 319, near the station at the Faculty of Transportation, towards Trosarina.

Pet shop Mazuljak offers your pets:
- food
- Dietary supplements
- treats
- cosmetics
- equipment
- clothing
- advice
- Advertising space
- Discounts for kennel
- Discounts for shopping per bag
- The possibility of home delivery
- and much more...

We're the only ones in the neighborhood who offers treats from the bakery for dogs WONDERBAKE, which are natural, handmade without preservatives or aditives.

We offer a large selection of dry food superpremium and premium food for dogs and cats, as well as food commercial quality:

- Taste of wild
- Royal Canin
- N & D
- Trainer
- Josera
- Ecopet
- Matisse
- Cibau
- Premil
- Friskies
- Darling ...

You can delight your pet thanks to our large selection of wet food (canned, pates, SOŠIĆ):

- Stuzzy
- Tomi
- Dr Alder's (My Lord, My Lady)
- Dog menu
- Cat menu
- Natur bone
- Monge
- Simba
- OK dog
- OK cat
- Plaisir
- Friskies
- Darling ...

We offer a large selection of equipment (Trixie, Camon, Flamingo, Karlie, Nubby, Kozmo) and cosmetics (Greenfields, Trixie, Nutripet).

Protect against fleas and ticks using some of the products we have in our assortment.

For birds, feathered loved ones, we offer a large selection of food, sticks and food supplements known Belgian producer Versele-Laga (Prestige Premium, Prestige), Lolo, Nutripet, as well as a diverse selection of equipment (toys, swings, ladders, troughs, cages) and sprinkled for the birds.

For rodents, we offer a wide selection of food sticks, the delicacy and equipment (toys, drinkers, cages).

For fans of aquariums, we have prepared a large selection of equipment and food for fish and turtles.

Drop, here are beloved happy and satisfied owners.

Working time:
weekdays: 9am-8pm
Saturday: 09am-8pm

You can also visit us on Facebook.



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