Photocopying Belgrade

Address: 2 Hadzi Djerina st., Vracar
Belgrade Phone: 011/2438-180, 064/353-5766

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Copier COPY WORLD BSK is situated in an attractive location in Haji Đerinoj Street, right across from the Technical University
Monday - Friday 07: 30h - 20: 00h
Saturday: 09: 00h - 16: 00h 
Sundays: 10: 00h - 16: 00h
during the exam term at the Faculty of Architecture, we are available 24 hours

We are able to offer you the following services, affordable fast and efficient

• copying
• printing, digital printing, black and white or in color (from 80g - 300g paper)
• wide range of high-quality paper (mat - 120g - 180g, satin - 180g)
• plotting large format (on line 80g and full color on high quality paper)
• miscellaneous binding, wire and plastic spiral
• hard and soft cover
• banners
• business card
• leaflets
• posters
• printed from adhesive foil
• powder coating, prices
• scan A3 / A4 format
• Print on CD
• various other services (preparation, cutting, bending and technical work, cutting)
• laminating the card penny thickness of 3 or 5 mm
• Preparation seminar, graduation and graduation papers

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