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Kaca 07 printing house began work as a small family copy house in Belgrade. Thanks to dedicated work and constant self-advancement to keep up with the latest trends in the field we have soon grown into a serious copy center that today offers you the highest quality services in the shortest possible time.

Today we specialize in several activities including digital printing, laser cutting and laser engraving, computerized foil cutting for the needs of advertisements and signs, monochrome and color photocopying of up to A3 dimensions, professional binding for graduation papers with gold inlay, digital and offset printing. Our priority is our quality of services so we can justify the trust you have shown us.

We offer the following services:

- Laser engraving - laser cutting, stamps, advertising signs, nameplates, racks made of plexiglass, engraving business gifts, puzzle creation, invitations, packaging, key chains, notebooks, calendars, picture frames, stickers, inventory plates, holders, ID tiles ...

- Digital printing - one side or both, at different grammage of paper in formats up to B3. We produce: business cards, flyers, letterheads, declarations, labels, cards or tickets, envelopes, price lists, menus, folders ...

- Cutting PVC films for advertising using a plotter width of 1200mm, in a very wide range of colors, shiny or matt, resistant to external influences (snow, rain, sun ...)

- Copying using the latest machinery A3 and A4 format, black-and-white and color, with a wide selection of paper

- Binding - plastic or steel spiral, soft binding with the big color vinyl crusty, hard binding, packaging materials, plastic folders or binders

- Plotting to A0 format, black and white or color very stable HP plotter machine

- Print on mugs thermosetting transfer paper in full color, on motives that you want, within an hour onsite

- Creating pendants on EVA foam - any shape and color chosen, we can engrave a logo, company name, brand or any other motif of your choice

- Preparation of files for printing

Thanks to our modern American UNIVERSAL PROFESSIONAL LASER SYSTEMS machine which has a work surface of 300 x 600 x 230 mm we offer laser cutting and engraving of exceptional speed an resolution of up to 1200 points per inch. Laser engraving Kaca 07 can create seals for businesses and any other purposes within 10 minutes. If you have to sign things all the time, you can apply your signature to a seal and make your job easier!

Another service we offer is creating sign plaques that can label various rooms with working horus, titles, ID plates with various contents and sizes and similar services.

We offer very affordable prices of cutting and engraving of 50rsd per minute. Visit us and see our quality!

Working hours:
Mon-Fri: 8AM - 4PM
Sat: 9AM - 2PM

Digital printing and laser engraving Kaca 07, 85 Borisavljeviceva street, Belgrade.