Printer service Belgrade

Address: 54 Tadeusa Koscuska st., kod Defektološkog fakulteta
Belgrade Phone: 060/3184-012
Fax: 011/2184-012

4/ 5stars

ABC Office World Ltd. is a fast growing company from Belgrade offering the services of photocopying and printing in black and white and color formats in A3/A4/A5/A6

We offer you toner cartridges for all types of laser printers and photocopiers.

We sell all models of laser printers and copy machines and due to high demand of clients, we offer you the possibility to rent a printer from us at very favorable terms, and to care about printing in full to us.

Also we can offer you a wide range of office supplies and school supplies of staples to the most modern machines. We make stamps, and for sports organizations and home advice we give 20% discount.

For you can make business cards with your or our pre-press. For orders throughout Serbia provide delivery to your address.

ABC Office deals with World recharge toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges. We use the highest quality inks and powders for the amendment.

Also, repaired, cleaned and renewed wear parts and test each cartridge in the appropriate device.

Their clients guarantee accuracy serviced toner cartridges at the best prices in the market.

We purchase the empty cartridges. For 5 you get 1 full blank!

* Incredible savings: To supplement the service of toner cartridges and up to 70% of the original. For ink-jet cartridges cost savings of up to 80%.

And we guarantee the same quality as the number of the new tape.

Kontktirajte us to give you prints were cheaper. Our company can equip your office from paperclips to the most modern machines.

If you do not have a printer, we rent the best conditions and with the agreement. We have the possibility of deferred payment.

We print flyers in color and black and white. We make business cards with hot stamping.