Printing-houses Belgrade

Address: 6b Ratka Resanovica st., Bele Vode
Belgrade Phone: 011/2509-602, 062/206-434

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Printing Krunić was founded in 1980, in Belgrade as a small family company, today it is recognized as one of the most reliable and the best equipped printers with screen-printing in the region. Over the years we have worked on all printing surfaces, while in the last 17 years we have specialized in screen printing on fabric.
We have a capacity of about 300,000 printed T-shirts per month, which is a scope that not many printers in the region could surpass. Beside textiles, we're printing labels, bags, complete advertising program and packaging. Design and preparation for printing, you can let to our experienced and dedicated team of associates.
Since we are one of the best equipped printing houses in the region we will be offer to you a high quality screen-printing, in the shortest possible time. Although, in the last decade, we have subjected our skills and resources to Screen printing on fabric, we're printing labels, bags, complete advertising program and packaging. We have the most advanced automatic rotational Screen printing presses - Schenk Variprint, with 8 working areas, the capacity of 6 colors, as well as semiautomatic rotary counters with flash drying paint, which provides high and constant quality of every image. This equipment allows us a capacity of about 10,000 T-shirts per day.