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SELP turbo service deals with reparation and sales of turbochargers. Since 2000 we\'ve been performing servicing systems and dealt in direct fuel injection in gasoline engines since 2002. The service and repair of turbochargers for all types of passenger and cargo programs. Servicing turbochargers meets NASA\'s requirements and quality overhaul of the EU market as evidenced by exporting products to the market. - In all turbo compressors are installed by the original manufacturer\'s parts Garrett, KKK, Holset, Schwitzer, Micubishi, CZ, IHI and the final products were tested on VSR machine. - SELP turbo service provides services primarily self-service stations with which it is in permanent cooperation and constant prices of services for business partners in accordance with such a business policy. SELP turbo service, in addition to regular forms of business cooperation, open for business deals with both services and retail banking operations. After visual inspection turbo is disassembled, then made parts washing defects inspection and measurement of backlash and eccentricity. Parts are protected by relevant (sliding and sealing surfaces) then Pescara. Upon completion of blasting parts are re-washed to perfection and then checks whether the ashes left behind somewhere, if so the procedure is repeated. Parts are measured again, if all the measures allowed access to static balancing (balancing) After a successful balancing turbo is concluded where the manufacturer\'s installed new parts (bearings, piston rings, gaskets) Upon completion of installation of turbo is mounted in the appropriate tool and make VSR machine which is checked dynamic balance turbo at speeds from 0 to 150,000 rpm Upon successful completion of tests is carried out calibration and conservation of turbo compressors. At each turbo compressor is given a guarantee of 12 months or 25,000 miles, depending on what pre expires (see warranty conditions). Mechanical damage to the turbine blades and compressor CAUSES: - foreign body (faulty air filter or mechanical damage to the air supply hose) - Foreign body from the engine Impurities in the oil for lubrication CAUSES: - clogged oil filter or a bad qual - Poor quality oils (making deposits) - The use of sealant during assembly - Impurities in the tube for lubrication - Part of the engine (sponsorship, etc.). Late lubrication and lack of lubrication CAUSES: - the supply of oil clogged or cracked - Low oil pressure in engine - Low engine oil level - Ride on a hill or downhill - Clogged oil filter - Improper engine start (giving gas during ignition) - The use of sealants The turbine is part of the engine which is most sensitive to lack of lubrication. But after 3-5 seconds of work without lubrication there are serious damages. It is particularly important to first start the engine. Engine burn no gas and allow it to idle at least 20 seconds. Overheating of the turbine CAUSES - excessive exhaust temperature fire engine after a large load. Except that oil lubricates the cooling turbine. Therefore it is necessary after a large load to let the engine to initially cool to normal temperature and then blow it out. Excessive exhaust temperature may occur in electric power engines erected (chip or computer program).