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Belgrade Phone: 011/2260-138, 2260-139

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AGS Catering Equipment Ltd., a company that successfully combines the experience of manufacture, sale and servicing of professional equipment designed for all types of hotels, restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, cafes and other facilities in need of equipment made from high quality stainless steel. As an atypical seller, our company not only sells ready-made products at any price, but a package of products and services that is included to take care of the customer as well as counseling in contemporary conceptual designs for the professional kitchen. Long-term goal of our business is primarily a satisfied customer who in turn got the quality and functional equipment and a permanent and reliable partner. Our distribution, joint knowledge, expertise and experience, and ongoing cooperation with renowned European suppliers, enabling us to offer customers complete support in the development of a modern and the functional kitchen.
Suppliers with whom we cooperate directly and that the expectations of our customers and ourselves are: - ARISTARCO professional washing plates, glasses and trays as well as complete pond equipment, which includes different types ceđača, shakers, blender, Multigroup, toasters, etc.. - BARON cooking equipment, stoves, grills, fryers, pasta kukeri, hot water baths, tippers, kettles and so on. available in gas and electric version. - Kastel all kinds of ice machine with a full, hollow cubes and flaked ice - FIMAR professional appliances such as pizza ovens, dough mesilice, Seckalice, Salamoreznice, meat grinder, Palačinkare, hot dog machines, gyros, potatoes etc. lathe. - FORCAR professional refrigerators and freezers and kitchen accessories such as sterilizers, uv lamps, many catering carts stainless steel and wood, etc.. - POLARIS professional refrigerators and freezers - TECNOINOX cooking equipment, stoves, grills, fryers, pasta kukeri, hot water baths, tippers, kettles and so on. available in gas and electric version. - LAINOX Convection and convection ovens, and Minus plusne shock chambers - EMAINOX self-service lines that are formed depending on needs and may include in-line hot water bath, chilled swimming pools, hot and cold display cabinets, hot and cold counters, display cases, etc. - De Vecchi automatic and manual water softeners - Stainless steel catering trolley PIAVE stainless steel, buckets, sanitary lavatory - SCAIOLA cabinet representative for cakes and wine and buffet for the buffets in hotels and restaurants - RUBINETTERIE professional shower batteries - PROSTEL complete production equipment tables neutral, neutral counters, refrigerated counters, hot tables, wall cabinets, racks, cabinets, hoods, etc..
Our commitment is to monitor developments in the global market and to comply with these events we educate our customers. Our long-term business policy, the constant care of customers after the sale We cooperate fully equipped and different types of facilities, including: manufacturing facility SQUADRA Dobanovci, FISH BAR SQUADRA TC TC Delta Estuary and the City, Restaurant QUARTET Belgrade, Foody RESTAURANT Usce, Raft BAHUS Belgrade, winery and restaurant VRBICA Arandjelovac Leskovac ABC Restaurant, Restaurant CASA de Luka, Belgrade, Belgrade Restaurant LITTLE PARIS, Restaurant Mithology Belgrade, Restaurant Pietro de LORO Belgrade, Restaurant CHIKKEN TIKKA Novi Sad, Restaurant BLUE FRAJLA Novi Sad, Novi Sad MACCHIATO Restaurant, Restaurant OTTIMO Belgrade, Belgrade Restaurant VUK, DOMESTIC KITCHEN PETROVIC Zemun, Zemun Restaurant BALKAN EXPRESS, Restaurant and Fast Food FAIR PLAY Novi Beograd, Restaurant SANTA FEE Cuprija, Restaurant EURO PETROL Subotica, Restaurant GENTLMENS PUB Subotica, Subotica Renêssânse Restaurant, Restaurant GADZA old Pazova, Restaurant LITTLE BAY Belgrade, Cafe Bar BAR COUNTER Belgrade restaurant in an office building Atrium Novi Beograd, Zemun Lido Pizzeria, BORNEO Pancevo Pizzeria, Pizzeria and confectionery PRINCESS Backa Palanka, Bakery DOMINO Valjevo, production of cakes ANCI COOKIES Pancevo, Kragujevac HEART confectionery,CANADIAN RESIDENCE Belgrade office building GRUNER AG Svilajnac Middle School TITEL Mileva Maric, the Chamber of students BRANKOVO ROUND Novi Sad Health Center Dr, DRAGISA MISOVIC Cacak, Subotica Chemical Technical School, Technical School with a boarding school APATIN, POLETARAC Koceljeva Kindergarten, Kindergarten OLGA GRBIC Kosjeric Zlatibor NATIONAL HOUSE, HOTEL SPLIT Ečka, TOPOLJAR Svilajnac HOTEL, HOTEL BRAVO Loznica, Zlatibor Mona Hotel, country club BABE HOTEL, HOTEL SERBIA Belgrade, Zemun PETROL EURO HOTEL, MOTEL NARCIS Surdo, Visoki Decani Monastery, the monastery of Bodjani, SOURCE AD Paracin and many other structures that contain parts of our kitchen as well as individual elements of our marketing program which are also our valued customers and business partners. Dear customers, AGS catering equipment is offered as a recipe for all the solutions you need to have had a modern kitchen. We offer you cooperation by creating the conceptual design to complete equipping the facility and later constant care and maintenance of your equipment. We give you a guarantee for good cuisine, functionality and creativity! We offer quality and safety! See for yourself the quality of equipment and services you buy!