Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 44 Narodnog fronta st., Mali mokri lug
Belgrade Phone: 011/347-86-86, 063/8092-762, 063/349-037

4/ 5stars

Unique, real, original - all others are pale copies of unsuccessful .... The tradition of good service and quality Check out why!
TRPEZA restaurant business for several years with remarkable success. By now we were on location in Ustanicka street, but we have the expansion capacity and a much nicer environment change the location and we are now in Mali Mokri Lug at the 44th People's Front In the new location we have over 150 seats. Everything else is the same: · Staff · Services · Quality • I have all of what you used
MENU: Grill Burger 900gr Gourmet burger 900gr Kebabs 1200gr Rack 800gr Smoked ham 800gr 800gr Kebabs Brisket in cream 800gr Leskovac donuts 900gr Pork tenderloin (fillet) 700gr Smoked Sausage / sudžuk 800gr Mixed meat for two 1400gr Medallion in mushroom sauce 800gr Braised veal 900gr Smoked pork 800gr Smoked file 700gr Pork Butkica 1200gr
Special orders Stuffed hamburger specialty TRPEZA a 200gr Stuffed steak a 200gr Rolled pork 800gr Stuffed rolled pork a 200gr Gourmet kebabs 850gr Caesarean spit a 200gr Karadjordje steak 850gr Monte Carlo steak 450gr Wiener Schnitzel 450gr Parisian steak 450gr Stuffed fillet in a crust of 200gr FISH Trout 900gr CHICKEN 900gr chicken Legs 700gr Stuffed chicken breast in a handkerchief 300gr Chicken karadjordjeva 900gr