Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 5b Kirovljeva st., Banovo brdo
Belgrade Phone: 065/505-8620

4/ 5stars

The unique and different place in the restaurant map of Belgrade, Etno grill express is located at 5b Kirovljeva street in Bann's hill and offers excellent specialties that we always prepare using the freshest and highest quality ingredients, immediately after you order. In the pleasant ambiance of our ethnic restaurant you can enjoy the most deliciously prepared barbecue, wonderful stews and soups, cooked meals and a great selection of salads, as well as sweet pancakes.

All true gourmands will be delighted to try our complete barbecue program prepared using the highest quality fresh meats that we obtain from a renown manufacturer from Belgrade. What makes our barbecue so special is the fact that all the specialties are prepared on a charcoal grill which gives them a delicious flavor and makes them juicy. If you need great barbecue for a party or gathering you are organizing, order from us per kilo.

In the offer of Etno grill express you can find the following:

Cooked meals:
- Leskovac mix
- Beef stew
- Fish on cream
- Bean stew
- Meatballs and sauce
- Baked beans
- Stuffed zuccini

- Cevaps
- Patty
- Mixed meats
- Chicken breast and leg
- Sausages
- Hanger
- Breaded chicken