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Address: 86g Milana Rakica st., Zvezdara
Belgrade Phone: 011/40-300-40, 060/40-300-40
E-mail: obrok@obrok.rs
Website: www.obrok.rs

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Home Made Meal - A meal for the soul

Home Made Meal was created with the desire to give all lovers of the local cuisine the opportunity to enjoy high-quality, freshly prepared and tasty dishes. Every working day for you we make a special offer, which includes a complete meal (soup / potage, main course, side dish, salad and dessert) at an affordable price. If you're at work or at home and do not have time to stop to us - we do the delivery. Your meal arrives on time, hot and well packaged. Organize an event, gathering, glory, birthday? Meal Catering is here for you.

Visit us at Milana Rakića 86g. Every day we have a special menu, to make your meal always fresh.

Working time:
- Monday - Saturday from 10 to 18h
- Closed on Sundays

www.obrok.rs.">If you are unable to reach us, food can be ordered by phone (011/40 40 300) or via our website at: www.obrok.rs. Payment is made upon taking orders. Shipping is free for amounts over 800 rsd, and below that charged 250 rsd.

http://obrok.rs/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/OBROK-HOMEMADE-food-book.pd ">See and take over our menu here: http://obrok.rs/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/OBROK-HOMEMADE-food-book.pd

ACTION: If you call and order in advance (at least 24 hours prior to) a larger amount of food, every third dessert was gratis. On Saturdays we have a 20% discount on all ready meals (on Sundays).

For your events, celebrate birthdays or other occasions, we offer catering services. Combinations meals on request, the possibility of preparing dishes that are not on the menu, food presentation according to your occasion special rates and benefits for large orders. For more information and orders please contact us via the website or call us at: 011/40 40 300 and 40 300 060 40th

https://www.facebook.com/Obrok-Home-Made-1698664970348710/ i Instagramu: https://www.instagram.com/obrok_homemade/">Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Obrok-Home-Made-1698664970348710/ and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/obrok_homemade/