Restaurants Belgrade

Address: 16 Ibarski put st, Meljak, Barajevo
Belgrade Phone: 011/834-0055

4/ 5stars

As a part of a family tradition, three generations of caterers with previous experience with restaurants in Bjela - Igalo and Leskovac. We are located on the rim of the natural reservation - a protected hunting ground of the Lipovacka forest on the 20th km of the Belgrade - Cacak road. We are defined as a high category object, with good capacity and extremely national character, very comfortable with nice ambient, rich offer of wines, grill roast and a selection of national dishes. It is intended for travelers and business people, as well as city field trippers. It is also popular as a place for family celebration and evening entertainment in the Lipovacka forest region - Barajevo county. Around 50 parking places with surveillance and a exceptional restaurant garden with 120 places are also the advantages of this restaurant which won't leave you indifferent.