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Internal medicine clinic Nada is located in Belgrade, in Ban’s hill near Cukarica municipality and Sumadija hotel.

The clinic provides services in all areas of internal medicine: specialized examinations, diagnostics, treatments and advice in surgical branches of medicine.

We own diagnostics and treatment equipment for: heart conditions, blood vessels, brain, spinal cord, nerves, lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, prostate, blood, bones, joints.

Our consultants are specialists from the Military Academy of Medicine: professors, docents and primariuses who have years of clinical experience treating very difficult and complex diseases.

Our clinic provides the following services:

* Specialized examinations: cardiology (heart disease), endocrinology (diabetes, thyroid gland problems, parathyroid gland problems, adrenal gland problems, pituitary gland), gastroenterology (digestive system diseases, pancreas, liver), rheumatology (bone and joint diseases), hematology (blood diseases), nephrology (kidney diseases), pulmology (lung diseases),  neurology (brain, spinal cord and nerve diseases), psychiatry, dermatology (skin diseases), infectious diseases, ophthalmology (eye diseases)

* Specialist examinations in your home: cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, hematology, nephrology, pulmology, neurology, psychiatry, dermatology, infectious diseases, urology, ORL, ophthalmology, surgery

* Consultation in surgical medicine branches: urology (prostate, kidney and bladder diseases), ORL (throat, nose and ear diseases), vascular surgery (blood vessels – arteries, veins and the aorta), general surgery, orthopedics (hip, knee, shoulder, spine and bone surgery), neural-surgery (spine and brain surgery), cardio surgery (heart surgery), lung surgery, maxiofacial surgery (lips, mouth, nose, throat), plastic and aesthetic surgery.

* Heart stress testing: ergometry, pharmacological stress test – STRESS ECHO
* Ultrasound for all organs:
heart, abdomen (liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, adrenal gland, lymph nodes, aorta), prostate, breast, thyroid gland, bones, joints, soft tissue.
* Neck blood vessel doppler (carotid artery), head (transcranial doppler), blood vessels of the arms, legs, stomach aorta, kidney arteries, liver (portal circulation)
* At your home we are able to take an ultrasound of the heart, abdomen and doppler for all blood vessels of the: head, neck, arms, legs, stomach
* Holter ECG – ECG monitoring over 24h – examining the colon, rectoscopy.
* Ophtalmology – examination of the eye bottom and all eye structures, determining diopter, measuring eye pressure
* ORL – examination of the ear, nose and throat
* Audiometry and tympanometry – are diagnostic methods which test the condition of your hearing and determines any damages that might exist
* Removing beauty marks, warts and expanded capillaries, dermoscopy
* Osteopathy –
setting joints, bones and spine
* Nutritionist – nutrition advice for both healthy and sick individuals, weight loss
* Electro-mioneurography EMNG – testing electrical activities of the muscles, peripheral and brain nerves
* EEG – electroencephalography – records the electric activity of the brain through electrodes placed on the surface of the head
* Evoked potential EP – diagnostic method in neurology which serves to test nerve paths for seeing, hearing and touch. It includes 3 kinds of potentials:

* Visual electric potential (VEP) – testing electric activity of the muscles, peripheral and brain nerves
* Auditory evoked potentials (AEP, BERA) – testing auditory nerves
* Somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP) – testing sensitive touch paths

At our clinic you can have an examination of your heart and the overall circulation Cardioscreen which we apply in our country for the first time. It is a completely new technology where via bioelectric impedance we gain all the information on the condition of the heart and blood vessels, based on which we can estimate if you are healthy or if there is some kind of disorder to treat. It’s mostly recommended to patients with high blood pressure in order to determine the cause of hypertension and recommend further treatment based on it. It is a significant diagnostics method for patients who get tired or have difficulty breathing after the smallest exertion. The entire examination lasts for around 15 minutes and is completely painless (it’s similar to a heart ECG scan) and not harmful to the patient.

* * *

Echocardiography (heart ultrasound) – examination which estimates the appearance of the heart, its size, the condition of the heart muscles, changes in heart folds, the girth of the aorta, the presence of liquid in the heart. It shows a lot of information about the appearance of the heart and its condition. It is a very important examination and should be taken once a year.  

* * *

Ultrasound of the abdomen (liver, spleen, gallbadder, kidneys, adrenal glands, aorta, lymph nodes), prostate, breasts, thyroid gland, soft tissues, bones and joints – it’s used to register the condition of these organs and as a guideline for further treatment. It’s suggested for patients who have health issues as well as healthy people for prevention.

* * *

Ergometry – test in which the heart is stressed through a physical activity such as riding a bicycle, while performing an ECG and monitoring the artery pressure. It’s applied for chest pains, angina pectoris possibility and estimation of severity, after myocardic arrest and for high artery blood pressure or disorders in heart rate.

* * *

Holter ECG – ECG (heart activity) is recorded over 24h and notes above all any disorders in heart rate. It is applied in order to diagnose angina pectoris and estimate its prominence. Artery pressure holter – artery pressure is measured 24h throughout the day and every 15 minutes and at night 30 minutes. This examination establishes the degree of hypertension, the time of day when the pressure is highest and that determines the time of therapy. It’s also used to estimate the success of therapy in treatment.

* * *

Gastroscopy is an examination of the stomach from the inside which is placed inside the body through the mouth into the stomach. This way, we can discover ulcers, inflammations, infections, benign and malign tumors, hernias and treatment effects. The examination lasts several minutes and can be taken with anesthesia.

* * *

Colonoscopy is an examination of the colon using a probe. It’s recommended to undergo this procedure under anesthesia in order to reduce unpleasantness and pain. It’s used to diagnose colon tumors, polyps, bleeding, inflammation and to remove smaller changes – polyps.

* * *

Removing warts, expanded capillaries and beauty marks, done using an American machine Hyfrecator 2000 which can be used to quickly and safely remove ugly warts, beauty marks and expanded capillaries in any part of the body, including the face, regardless of their number and surface. This is a latest generation machine. The treatment is usually done under short-term local anesthesia. In addition to this, dermoscopy lets you examine beauty marks and determine if there have been any worrying changes.

* * *


Oseopathy – a regular guest at our clinic is Prof. Dr. Djurovic, a specialist in oseopathy. This is a technique that returns bones, joints and internal organs completely pain-free. It is applied for: sciatica, spine pain, joints and internal organs, athletic injuries lowered stomach, bloating, pain in the shoulders and hand. Prof. Djurovic lives in London where he completed his specialization and where he has a clinic. He travels to our country once a month, where above all he takes care of the health of our best athletes.

* * *

Nutritionist – if you have a need, we also have a diet counseling office where you can get useful advice regarding increased body weight, cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, bad indigestion, weak circulation or you’d just like to eat healthily.

* * *

Arrhythmia – serious heart rate and heart impulse disorders which can be corrected by working with the most famous experts in cardiology.  

* * *

Electromyoneurography – EMNG is a modern method of testing the electric activity of the periphery and brain nerves. It is based on the ability of the muscles to create electrical activity which can be detected by the machine as well as the ability of the nerves to conduct weak electrical currents from the brain to the spinal cord and vice versa – from the muscles to the nerve system. This way we set a precise and accurate diagnosis for muscles and/or nerves which have been affected by disease as well as estimates on any eventual damages. Based on this data we conduct treatment, follow the disease progression and the effects of treatment. This approach is used with disorders such as: polyneuropathy (diabetes, kidney damage and alcoholism), radiculopathy (damaging the nerve roots in the spinal column), multiple sclerosis, miastenia gravis, discus hernia, myotomy, muscle, nerve or spine injuries.

* * *

Evoked potentials – EP are a diagnostic method in neurology that serves to test the neural connections related to vision, hearing and the sense of touch and which are located in the brain and peripheral nerves. This way we register any existing damage in nerves, spinal cord and the brain before the symptoms in vision and hearing appear. By applying this method we can determine the exact place of the pathological process and follow its development. Early diagnosis allows us to apply timely treatment and increase recovery chances. We differentiate between 3 potentials:

  1. Vision electric potentials (VEP) testing vision
    2. Auditory evoked potentials (AEP, BERA) – nesting hearing nerve paths
    3. Somato-sensory evoked potentials (SSEP) – testing sensory touch paths

Indications for this type of diagnostic method include:

  1. Weakening vision or sight loss
    2. Weakening or lost hearing ability, tinnitus
    3. The sense of prickles, numbing, pinpricks in the skin
    4. Multiple sclerosis, cerebral paralysis
    5. Headache, epilepsy
    6. Stroke, brain tumor

Testing is done for both children and adults, especially young children with hearing damages. The examination lasts between 30-60 minutes a day, it’s completely painless and all that’s required is that on that day the patient doesn’t consume any muscle relaxants, eats regularly and brings along their vision or hearing aids.

Heart ultrasound examination (echocardiography), abdomen and blood vessel doppler in your home if you are unable to come to our clinic. If you or your loved one are unable to move due to poor physical conditions, our doctor specialists will perform ultrasound examination in your home. The examination is done using our high quality Color Doppler portable ultrasound Vivid e (Generalelectric).

Pain blockers – certain diseases (malign tumors, bone fractures, herpes zoster, spinal changes) cause very severe pain that is unaffected by conventional pain medication. Pain blocking combines anti-inflammation medication and analgesics and is performed by neural surgeons and anesthesiologist.

Indications for this therapy include:
- Malign tumor pain
- Post bone fracture pain
- Spinal changes: sciatica, cervicobrachial syndrome, radiculopathy – diabetes polyneuropathy
- Herpes zoster
- Headaches
- Inflammation of the n. trigeminus
- Degenerative changes in joints: coxasatrosis, gonartrosis

Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment method first mentioned in records at 2,800 years B.C. By the end of 19th century it became widely accepted in the West as a natural form of treatment without pain or negative side-effects. At the English court the members of the royal family never missed their weekly appointments with their acupuncture therapist. It’s based on the teaching of human life energy that courses our bodies in predetermined paths. Using thin needles whose application is fully painless, stimulates the flow points on the body and assures undisturbed flow of energy which is the perquisite for physical and psychological wellbeing. Acupuncture also helps where modern medicine fails. It is used to treat headache, migraines, neuralgias, dizziness, sinus inflammation, asthma, chronic bronchitis, sciatica, joint pains, spine, gastritis, constipation, painful menstruation, obesity, quitting smoking...  

We hope that you will be satisfied with your visit to our clinic, our quality of services and improvement of your health.