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Our modern junior school originated on the foundations of the Modern high school and International School Modern with the accreditation from the Ministry of education of Serbia and the University in Cambridge. It’s a synthesis of experiences and the best practices from these schools that are adjusted to junior schoolers and enriched with the latest methodical approach in the development of personality and education of our youngest.

The blend of National and Cambridge education is an encouraging environment and development of various kinds of intelligence in every child, education in Serbian and English, dedicated teachers and personalized education, modern technology support and rich extra-curriculars are just some of the contents that make “Savremena” the most modern junior school in our region.

The “Savremena” junior school is located in the attractive part of New Belgrade and is equipped according to the latest global standards. The students spend their time in brightly lit classrooms with anatomical node chairs and a flexible seating arrangement in our modern learning center, incredibly well-equipped library and spacious yard for healthy growing up or in multi-functional soccer, basketball, handball courts. 

Education is carried out through two programs: National or Combined, which is the blend of the best national and prestigious Cambridge education. The Combined program is carried out part in English, allowing our students to adopt the language since the earliest age.

“Savremena” school stands apart from others for its personalized approach that is tailored according to the interests, talents and abilities of every child. Dedicated teachers and educators at “Savremena” school adjust their approach to each student according to their needs and talents.

In our lessons we take advantage of the latest educational technologies, exclusively with the teacher’s supervision in order to guide the children towards the positive and useful aspects of foreign technologies so they can learn to use it properly. Instead of being passive receptors of knowledge, the students of Savremena become its inventive creators.

Studying that way becomes more interesting and more efficient while the students develop crucial skills for their academic and professional success in the 21st century: digital literacy, logical and critical thinking, the ability to resolve problems and teamwork.

The “Savremena” school is the only one in Serbia that applies the concept of developing multiple aspects of one’s intelligence. The famous Harvard psychologist, Howard Gardner, established that there are up to eight types of intelligence (natural, intrapersonal, logics and mathematics, spatial, musical, corporal, linguistic and reflexive) and that certain ones are more prominent in each child than others. For maximum results, the child should be exposed to different types of knowledge in different ways, stimulating all kinds of intelligence, which is something we pay attention to in Savremena.

Per the parents’ request, younger students can have extra activities before and after class, can attend bonus lessons, do their homework with the teacher’s supervision, watch educational movies, solve quiz or have a productive rest in the yard. The students can use various clubs and workshops where they can develop their talents and achieve their full potential.


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