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Address: 2 Gramsijeva st., Novi Beograd
Belgrade Phone: + 381 11 2674-443, + 381 11 31 94 211, Tel/Fax: + 381 11 2600-746, 2604-235, + 381-63-257281
E-mail: macura@eunet.rs
Website: www.centrotrans.co.rs

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CENTROTRANS a transport company with extensive experience in the transport of special and oversized items.
We offer the following transport-forwarding services: * transport of oversized goods in the mode of emergency transport, * transport and handling of heavy loads up to 300 t, * securing permits and escorts of all types of special items (emergency transport) in the territory of Serbia, * for Serbian carrier provide the necessary permits for special transport and escort through all European countries, * provide professional services in choosing the most appropriate vehicle and route times for the execution of special transport.
We offer you and other ancillary activities related to these transports: * carrying out all activities of shipping and customs brokerage in an import or export of goods with our warranty, * storage and transshipment services, * Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR certificate, classes 1-9 except class 7) We are available 24 hours of day.For execution of special transport.
Contact: Nenad Macura, Director Tel. and fax: + 381-11-2600746, 2604235 Tel. + + 381-11-2674443 Mob.: + + 381-63-257281 E-mail: macura@EUnet.rs
GENERAL TERMS OF TRANSPORTATION TO CONDUCT oversized 1. SIZE ALLOWED a) Length The maximum permitted length of the vehicle and load is 12.00 m for the truck (single vehicle) 16.50 m Saddle vehicle (tractor plus semitrailer) 18.00 m for a truck with a trailer (combination) b) BEAM The maximum permitted width of the vehicle and load is 2.50 m c) Height The maximum permitted height of vehicle and load is 4.00 m d) WEIGHT The maximum permitted gross vehicle weight and load 40 tons e) Axle load The maximum permissible axle load * 10 tonnes per single axle * 8 tons per axle for multiple axis In the case of axial distance for multiple axis between 2 (two) adjacent shaft greater than 2.00 m, it is considered as a single axle.
2. ESCORT Accompanying oversized transport is required for all types of oversized transport without exception. Allows the formation of a convoy of more than 3 (three) vehicles in a convoy, but they were then required at least two escorts per convoy. Police escort is required in cases where: - Overall length of vehicle and load greater than 25.00 m - total width of the vehicle and load greater than 3.50 m, or - Overall height of vehicle and load greater than 4.50 m
3. RESTRICTIONS (Prohibition) Oversize transports are carried out only during the day and good visibility. a) NO WEEKEND During the weekend oversize transport is forbidden to perform: - Fridays from 12 am to 05 am Saturday, and - Sundays from 12 am to 05 am Monday b) NO HOLIDAY During the holidays it is forbidden to carry oversized carrying: - the day before the feast of 12 hours until the first day of holiday 05 hours, and - the last day of holidays from 12 am until the first day after the holidays, 05 am
B E O G R A D Oversize transports which are under police escort in Belgrade can be carried out only at night and at a time from 00 hours to 05 hours.
4. Experts opinion (expertise) Expert opinion (expertise)Highway Institute and the Institute for bridges, "they need: On regional roads For vehicle and cargo with a maximum mass exceeding 80 t On arterial roads For vehicle and cargo with a total weight exceeding 100 tons Expert opinion (expertise), the Institute for Roads, it is necessary to: For loads with a width greater than 5m.