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ProSoft Systems Ltd is a market leader in the domestic software business specializing in hotels and restaurants. The software is fully developed by our programmers, under the supervision of the constants of the contributors, who are worried about meeting all legal standards and customer needs. Many years of experience of the employees, and a large number of implemented installations, guarantee the quality of the implemented software. In addition to the foregoing, the customer support is provided 24 hours a day, every day, including weekends and holidays.

Based software package makes Business Navigator, which is a complete accounting solution, able to meet the needs of a large number of users without the need to use external applications. This is proved by a number of software installations in accounting services. In addition to a variety of custom developed software, special emphasis is placed on business hotels and restaurants, whose business covers in full, including point of sales / POS (reception, spa, restaurant), a variety of interfaces, goods and material accounting, complete financial transactions ...

In addition to software development, which is the main activity, ProSoft system successfully implemented project planning, installation and maintenance of equipment (servers, workstations and network equipment) and software (MS Windows, antivirus ...)

In addition to the Business Navigator software are the most popular:

Reception - A comprehensive system for business hotel reception. Many years of work in a number of hotel results in constant development and meeting the needs of hotels of different sizes and profiles. Developed interfaces (internet booking, phone, hotel locks, sending reports foreign visitors) to further facilitate the work of receptionists.

POS (restaurant / cafe) - Simple, but comprehensive solution for the sale of the facilities of restaurant type. The work is facilitated by the waiters, and combined with the Business Navigator, provided an insight into the state, as well as reporting in real time.

Wellness - Application intended for use wellness / spa, including a complex system of booking and payment system.

Retail - software designed for business storefronts / retail. Along with retail, developed and comprehensive solution for wholesale, different profiles.

All software adapted to work in remote locations, with the possibility of a networking system (commercial or hotel chains), and the control of the centralized accounting and in one location. It is understood that all applications are mutually complementary, and to communicate with each other automatically.

ProSoft system was developed and a number of dedicated software for specific customer requirements, such as service application Dewaco (MAN importer Serbia), specialized software (enological station Vrsac, Institute of Occupational Health).