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Legat club - thank you grandma

"In the lives of each and every one of us there is a grandma. Grandma Olga, grandma Mina, grandma Rada...the grandma who encouraged us in important moments and tried to justify every act of mischief to our parents while gently tucking us in to sleep with a gentle voice and a warm gaze.

I can still smell her apple pie, taste the home made elder juice and mint tea. I feel the scratch of the wool scarf she knitted for me and which I wore until late spring. For all of this, thank you grandma!"

In the quiet part of Belgrade in Vozdovac you will find the Legat club - "Thank you grandma". The name itself hints that every piece of furniture, every beautiful picture, crackling of the fireplace and the sound of the old gramophone will bring out nostalgia, comfort and emotion.

In our exclusive space that can seat up to 65 guests we can immortalize your special moments such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. We have a wedding hall for all kinds of celebrations as well as children's playroom, a great space for your little ones' birthdays. The playroom has a disco, competitive play polygon and the corner for the youngest. While you enjoy tasty cuisine from our catering, you can monitor all your children's activities over our internal video feed.